On Metro Masturbator: “There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t wish I’d screamed at him.”

Location: Metro train – Orange Line towards Vienna
Time: Daytime (9:30am-3:30pm)

I was heading to the grocery store on my day off around 2 pm. I got on the train with myumbrella (sic) and purse, sitting in my spot of choice which is usually right where the chair behind me doesn’t face the same direction (I have had a bad experience with a person sitting behind me and actually touching and smelling myhair) (sic). The train was relatively empty, especially at the direction I was sitting. In fact, there was only one other person facing me at the end of the car. I made eye contact with this guy after noticing him staring at me. A few seconds later, he got up heading towards my seat. I thought to myself “please don’t let this guy hit on me..I’m only a few stops away from my destination..”. I felt a sense of relief when he decided to stop a seat in front of me and across the aisle. That sense of relief quickly turned into a since of confusion followed by apprehension. Something told me this creepy looking guy did not just get up for nothing. Sure enough, less than two minutes later, he’s fumbling with his pants and to my horror, pulls out his penis. Of course, I’m the ONLY person who can see this and before he has it fully exposed, I rush to the end of the car where people are sitting, hop off the train, and get in the next car when the train stops.

Orange line
Metro’s Orange line

Unfortunately, I came to the realization that my umbrella was still on the seat because I’d left so quickly. Knowing that it would rain very soon, I knew I had to go back. So at the very next stop, I hopped back off and on to the same car with the creep whom I did not acknowledge when I grabbed my umbrella. I hurriedly hopped off the train AGAIN, and into the next car. I’m quite sure I looked absolutely crazy throughout all of this. I mean picture a frazzled looking girl running between cars. I did not make any notion as to what was occurring and there isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t wish I’d screamed at him, at the very least. When I got to my destination, I immediately informed the station manager of the train I’d just gotten off of. She didn’t look particularly surprised or interested as she simply asked me to describe the man. I told her what I knew and that was that. My information was never taken nor do I even know if this man was ever confronted. I wish I could say that this is the only type of harassment I’ve had like this in DC. It’s unfortunate, but I cannot.

Submitted on 7/19/12 by “MTM”

If you experience or have experienced sexual harassment on the DC Metro system:
Please consider reporting to Metro Transit Police: www.wmata.com/harassment; 202-962-2121.

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Horror flashbacks on the Metro…

I am still quivering in disgust. Today, around 10:45am, I was on my way from downtown to New Carrollton. I worked late last night, so I was kind of tired and dozing off. I was sitting alone and somewhere around Potomac Yard, a man got on and sat in a seat about 4 from mine. He looked at me and I looked away, and dozed back off. I didn’t think anything of it. The next stop, he moved to the metro seat directly across from me, and sat facing towards me. I noticed all of this sort of subconsciously. But as the metro ride went on, even though I wasnt looking at him, I could feel him staring at me, and out of the corner of my eye, I could see him doing something repetitive with his hands. I chose to ignore it, figuring I was just being paranoid. But as the ride progressed, the feeling stayed. At one point, I chose to casually look over at him to see if he was blatantly staring at me. Not only was he blatantly staring at me, he wad also jerking off.

I closed my eyes and opened them again. It was still happening. My jaw dropped in horror and disgust. He just kept going. I immediately got up and went to the farthest metro seat away from him. I didn’t make a sound. I didn’t look at him again. I felt like I was going to vomit and started having a mini anxiety attack. As soon as the train stopped, I got out and ran forward to the next train. When we got to my stop in New Carrollton, I got out and told the train conductor. He told me to tell metro security.

I felt disgusting after seeing him do this. I’ve been having horror flashbacks and seeing his creepy stair and disgusting penis in broad daylight on the damn metro! My skin feels creepy crawly and I’m still having mini waves of nausea and anxiety. I’m so f*%&ing pissed!

AND THEN, hours after that incident, another man started hollering at me and my girlfriend about, “Let me take you to brunch. I’ll pay. What’s your name? Where you goin’?” And all with an ignorant ass entitled cocky smile on his face. After politely declining his third advance, him leaving and giving us attitude, I threw my hands up with grief and stated, “What the f*ck?! I’m wearing a f*?!king bear hat!”

And I was. All day. All day I have been wearing this somewhat unattractive, furry, trap and skeet type hat because it’s cold out. I’m in a long winter coat. Sneakers. Wide legged pants. Barely any makeup. Carrying a black plastic bag and juice. I’m Not dressed provocatively. I’m not asking for it. WTF?! What is wrong with men?! ARGH!

Location: Metro, Orange line towards New Carrollton

Time of harassment: Day Time (9:30A-3:30P)

Submitted by Nikki

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Violated On The Orange Line

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As I got on the orange line train at 8am towwards New Carrolton with another young lady, a middle aged  man was eager to get off the car. He was dressed in a faded green shirt, blue addidas-type pants and black soccer shoes with cleats (possibly). Once we were on, he got right back on after us. Even though there was space in the car, his kept pressing his body flush against mine. When I looked down he had a boner- he wasn’t shy or embarrassed and he never made eye contact- he just looked down at my butt. Another guy saw I was uncomfortable and moved to make room for me. This man in the green shirt got off at the next stop but I saw him get into another car. I reported the incident to a metro employee who said she’d run a lookout on the radio but she barely asked for any information and didn’t ask for my name, though I gave it to her anyway. The worst part is that in these incidents, I always get angry afterwards and feel guilty f or not reacting and yelling in the moment; however, in the moment, I just want to get away and I am in disbelief that this is even happening. So, I get to feel violated, guilty for not saying anything and unassisted by authorities before 9am on a Wednesday and for the rest of the week…

Submitted by Kendra Sand on 7/28/2010

Location: On the Orange line train heading to New Carrollton between Courthouse and Rosslyn

Time of Harassment:Morning Rush Hour (5A-9:30A)

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Orange Line Perp

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HBDC!’s note: This experience is very similar to the experience that we received a few days back.  If you feel comfortable reporting this perpetrator, contact Metro Transit Police at  202-962-2121. And/or, take a picture of the perpetrator on your cell phone and send it to us.  HOLLA BACK DC!

This morning, I boarded the orange line at L’Enfant Plaza in the direction of Vienna. I was engrossed in a book and on “auto-pilot” on the way to work. When I got on the train, a man sat down next to me, in the seat closest to the aisle. I sat next to him for about 10 minutes before I realized he was masturbating right next to me. I was shocked! When he realized that I had noticed he started talking to me, and making comments about oral sex. The train car wasn’t full, but there were many people in my near vicinity including families with small children. I had to ask him to get up and let me out, which thankfully he did, and moved to another car.

I was so nauseous and disgusted after this whole incident. Its especially shocking considering the time of day and the amount of people on the train. I reported the incident to Metro Police. The man was African American, about 40 years old, wearing jeans and a baseball cap. We were in the last car of the orange line train departing from L’Enfant Plaza in the direction of Vienna at about 10:30 AM this morning.

I don’t know what good it does to tell you this story, but I know there is little that the Metro Police can do.

Submitted by CCG on May 11, 2010

Location: Orange Line in direction of Vienna

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“How should I react?”

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I was waiting for the orange line headed to vienna at metro center. This was Tuesday afternoon at 2pm. I was playing solitaire on my phone, not really paying attention to what was going on around me. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a man, about 5’10” wearing a white t-shirt tucked into black gym shorts wearing a backpack. I noticed him because he was standing closer than most people do. I saw a jacking off type motion out of the corner of my eye, but wasn’t sure that is what I was seeing so didn’t look over.

When the train arrived I hurried toward the front of the car to sit down. A man came and sat down beside me. I thought it might have been the same man but I wasn’t sure. When a similar motion caught my eye again I looked down and realized his penis was outside of his shorts and he was using a grey sweatshirt to prevent other passengers (other than me) to see what he was doing. I took a minute to think of what to do – snap a picture, no because I don’t know how to turn off the picture taking sound on my phone – say something? no, what if he is a psyco, plus bad shit happens to people all the time when they say the wrong thing to the wrong person – even if there are many others around. I picked a third option – I got up, walked around him (luckily I was in the seat with no seats in front of it) and took a seat next to a woman.

I feel bad because by not saying anything I may have made him more likely to do this to another woman, but at the same time someone who would do this clearly has limited sense of propriety. I wanted to post to Holla Back DC! to at least have my experience documented or recognized in some way. Unfortunately this is the second time I have had to post.

Submitted by eg on 5/4/2010

Location: Orange Line headed to Vienna – Both the harasser and I got on at Metro Center

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