This is Absurd

It’s not every day that our hunches end up on the front page of the Washington Post.  Color us shocked when we read the headlines “News of Metro Rapes Delayed.” Wait, weren’t we just campaigning for more transparency from our public transit authorities?


Metro spokeswoman Cathy Asato said on Tuesday that the police deliberately withheld information on two assaults that occurred in the parking garage of Largo Town Center in February as they searched for suspects.

Wait, did Asato say two assaults?  TWO?!  Wouldn’t you want the public to know about this vital information?  Wouldn’t YOU want to know if there was a rape, or even an attempted rape, in the place you parked your car?  It makes common sense.  So what’s the real reason, WMATA?

Peter Benjamin, chairman of Metro’s board of directors, said information on the attacks “got lost in the shuffle” during the February snowstorms.

Eeks!  Lost in the shuffle of the snow storm?  Snotorious BIG was a big deal.  We get that.  But so are rapes that are happening in the same location by the same suspect.  Maybe if the victim was Mr. Benjamin’s female relative he wouldn’t have taken this issue so lightly.  ARGH. Read More