Glover Park Starbucks Harasser

I was standing in line for coffee. I sensed a man come up behind me, but he was standing too close. In my periphery, I could see him moving his hips. He started breathing heavier. He told me my behind looked good in my pants.

Maybe I felt confident because I had people around me; I mustered up the courage to address him. I turned to him and asked, “Excuse me?” He asked, “Oh, is what I said too sexual for you?” I replied, “Yes.” I don’t know why, but he started to leave the store. “You just don’t get enough comfort, lady,” he yelled. The best thing I could yell back was “You just don’t know how to talk to women!”

Not many people in the store reacted, but the manager came from the back and asked what happened. The other workers directed her to me. She apologized for what happened, asked if I was OK and if I wanted to call the police. I was still mad about someone talking to me like that, but this manager really calmed me down when I was most shaken.

The same man came back a few weeks later to flash someone at the same store.

Submitted by Claire on 8/15/2011

Location: Wisconsin Ave NW & Hall Place NW (Glover Park) @Starbucks

Time of harassment: Day Time (9:30A-3:30P)

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