Bystander's Story

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I can’t stand it when harassment happens to me, but I can’t stand it even more when I witness it happen to other women.

I was walking back to work after grabbing take-out for lunch, and I spot these two men in what I assume was a uniform (navy polo shirts and khakis) in the distance. The shorter guy was the one doing his job, carrying what looked to be a heavy box. The other guy, however, was up to no good.

A young woman in a flowy, red mini-dress had walked by them, and the one who wasn’t carrying anything rubbernecked, did a double-take, and looked this woman up and down. It was disgusting!

I was too far in the distance to yell at this guy to knock off the lewd behavior, and too far to get their company’s name (from their polo shirts, probably) to report him. They had turned a corner and I lost track of them.

If I’m close enough when I spot men ogling women who are unaware they’re being ogled, I usually say something in the lines of “I saw you do that, and you better not try it with me! Nasty!” to embarrass them. I’m upset that I was not close enough to take any sort of action in calling attention to his crass behavior.

Location: 29th Street NW & C&O Towpath

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