“I ran after him to confront him, and he turned around [and] punched me in the face.”

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Location:  14th & U Street NW – Outside McDonalds
Time: Late Night (12am-5am)

I had been getting a lot of guys calling out to me all night and I was tired of it. I was with 3 friends waiting for a cab when a man called out to my friend from inside his car something along the lines of “hey baby, want a ride?” When I told her to turn around and ignore it, he called me a “fat bitch.” Out of frustration, and yes it was a mistake, I walked over to his car and dumped my cup of soda all over him before he drove away.

About 10 minutes later, still waiting for a cab, the man, who was middle aged and about twice my size, walked up from nowhere and dumped a drink over me, again calling me a bitch. I ran after him to confront him, and he turned around, punched me in the face, grabbed my shoulders, and threw me to the ground so my head slammed against the pavement. He ran off, and the only thing any of the 50+ people waiting at the corner and bus stop did was help me pick up my glasses.

The McDonalds security guard didn’t believe me at first and then told me I needed to find the police because he couldn’t do anything. The police, who were very hard to track down, recommended I not file a police report because they would have to take me in because I assaulted him first.

Submitted on 11/13/12 by “CEO”

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Please consider reporting to Metro Transit Police: www.wmata.com/harassment; 202-962-2121.


Cornered in the Metro

So the metro was a disaster today and I was an hour late to work – -I work in Rosslyn, so I had to get off at farragut north and walk to farragut west. As I walk into the station there is a newspaper guy passing out papers. He corners me and asked if I “wanted to have relations.” I was really freaked out and told him to get out of my way before I called the police and he just stood there. I quickly moved to the left and ran away. I was really freaked out, but more upset that all the people walking by who turned and witnessed me almost getting assaulted in the middle of the day didn’t even help me out.

Submitted by anonymous on 9/15/2010

Location: Farragut West Metro Stop

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“I do not think it means what you think it means.”*

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I was bent over unlocking my bike in front of DC9 when a guy (mid-20s) walking with a woman with a stroller (nice!) says “Excuse me” and grabs my ass. NOT EXCUSED. I’m not sure what he wanted, but it was a busy corner and I felt comfortable telling him to fuck off. Harassment hadn’t involved touching in DC for me up to this point, so I wanted to share.

Submitted by A on 4/2/10

Location: 9th and U Streets NW

*Princess Bride quote

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Gender-based attacks at Georgetown Univeristy

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We just got word of two gender based public sexual attacks in Georgetown thanks to DCist, both individuals were attacked based on their sexual orientation.

From DCist

The Georgetown University Department of Public Safety has the details on the second bias-related assault in the last few days near the school. Early this morning, a Georgetown student was attacked by an unknown male near 36th and N Streets NW.

According to the public safety alert: Immediately prior to the assault, the suspect asked the victim several times, “Are you a homo?” The suspect fled the scene after physically assaulting the victim.

The victim was then transported to Georgetown University hospital for treatment. The Georgetown Hoya’s account of the incident notes that the assailant was wearing red and white face paint and a black leather jacket. Earlier this week, another student was attacked by two men who had made derogatory comments about her perceived sexual orientation. MPD is currently conducting investigations into both crimes.

Flash protests against the hate crimes at the University’s Red Square are currently being organized through Twitter and other social media networks, and are expected to occur early this evening.

Read the blog post on DCist here.

Charming and Handsome Attacker

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Yesterday, after being told that my job would be ending next week, I went to a friend’s house for the evening for some cheering up. I left her house near the Cathedral at 11:15pm and took a cab to the Foggy Bottom metro. I was on the platform, waiting for the last train of the night, when I saw a handsome, well-dressed guy about my age walk by once, then twice. He then sat down on the same bench as me, but said nothing. A few minutes later, he got up and stood on the platform about 3 feet in front of me, facing me. When the train pulled up, he got in one car, and I got in the one behind (I have no idea why I did that, must have been instinct kicking in!).

When I got to the West Falls Church metro stop, I walked up the escalator and saw him at the gate. He stopped to talk to the station manager because his Smart Trip wasn’t working. Once he passed through the gates he sort of just stood around for a minute. When I went to go through t he gate, my Smart Trip didn’t work either, so I also had to talk to the station manager. While this happened, the guy remained standing on the other side of the gate. Once I got through, he approached me immediately and started talking to me in a thick accent.

He was friendly and flirty, and I was (stupidly) disarmed by him starting up a conversation. As we walked towards the garage, he asked me if I would like to have dinner with him at the end of the week. He asked for my phone number, and I said I would take his. When I hit the elevator button for my floor, he said he was going to the same floor. We got out of the elevator and I walked towards my car, which is when he told me that he hadn’t driven, but wanted to walk with me. Instead of thinking “this is bad news bears”, I convinced myself that it was nice of him to walk me to my car. When we got to my car, he again asked for my number, after refusing to give me his, and I (again, STUPIDLY) gave it to him. I told him I was leaving, and he said “why don’t I come to your house with you? I don’t have a car, let me get in your car”. I told him that was not happening, and unlocked my driver’s side door.

He tried to hug me and I put my hands up. He then moved in front of the door, so he was blocking it, grabbed my breast, and forcefully pulled me to him and tried to kiss me. I was able to shove him away, get in the car, and immediately lock the door and drive away. I contacted both Metro police and Fairfax County police, who are taking reports from me this evening when I get out of work.

I felt so silly for not getting away from him sooner, and I was so terrified when it happened. I’m normally very aware of my surroundings, and make sure my safety is a priority. I was just so distracted by my impending unemployment, that I guess I let my guard down. I felt like the wind was knocked out of me. My mind was racing with “This can’t be happening to me, how am I going to get away fr om him? Oh My God, what is he going to do?!” I was alone in a garage with this man, who was blocking my car door, without another person in sight, and my cell phone battery was dead. I was very lucky that I got away unscathed.

I wanted to post a description of him here, and to urge everyone to trust your gut feelings… and to carry mace (and keep your cell phone charged!). Description: Said he was 24 years old. Told me he was Egyptian and that his name was “Ibrahim” or “Abraham”. Tall, slender, and handsome (just goes to show you, charming and handsome DOES NOT mean safe!). Dark, close-cropped wavy/curly hair, dark eyes, very thick accent, blue button down shirt, black pants.

Be careful, ladies.

Location: West Falls Church Metro

Submitted by Emily on 9/17/09

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