Loitering smokers

Location: Arlington, VA; line of shops
Time: Evening Rush Hour (3:30pm-7:30pm)

This isn’t sexual harrasment. However, a group of four girls with piercings and punk clothing were smoking. There was a really obvious sign (NO SMOKING) and my friend and I decided to do something. We walked past them into the pet store while coughing really loudly and obviously. Beforehand, we had been discussing how bad smoking was for you and how secondhand smoke could kill others. My mother (who was with us, eating dinner) went and casually stood by them as if she didn’t know us and was a bystander. She heard them say, “when those girls come back, let’s blow smoke rings in their faces.” then she stood up tall and put her game face on. We came back and nothing (sic). Also, maybe now is the time to mention that they were all sharing one cigarette. Ew! Isn’t that disgusting?

Submitted on 7/14/12 by “Anonymous”

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Home Sweet Hom–What?

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I submitted “It is NOT a compliment” and another story. It’s been a week since my move and it feels good to be able to walk from home to the Metro and back without dummies catcalling at me. I love my new neighborhood.

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photo by Damon Green

I was coming home from karaoke, and wanted to grab a snack from CVS before going home. As I waited for the light to change, some cornball on a bike who was dressed like Lance Armstrong yelled “Mmm…gorgeous!” at me. I didn’t know how to react. All I could muster was an “I moved to the suburbs to escape that nonsense” and shook my head. Unlike in my old neighborhood where a good chunk of the harassers I dealt with were physically threatening, I felt no threat with this guy. It was just so annoying to be coming from a good time at karaoke, just to be reduced to a piece of meat by some idiot. Is there any true escape from this?

Location: Across from the CVS at Court House Metro (Arlington)

Submitted by Anonymous

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