“Blatant woman-bullying,” public masturbation by man at VA restaurant

Location:  Virtue Feed & Grain (Old Town Alexandria)
Time: Night (7:30pm-12am)

my partner (white male) and I (woman of color) ate a lovely dinner and were enjoying a coffee at the bar when a late 20s/early 30s man started a generally kind conversation. It quickly turned in to a randomly anti-sematic (sic) conversation with him diving in to the US and Israel and he began staring at me and rubbing his crotch. he was in glasses and a plaid shirt, about 6’0. after my partner gently/safely/kindly asked him to allow us to have a private conversation he went to a different part of the restaurant. so surreal. we then noticed a woman next to us finding refuge from a friend of his and conversing with the bartender. she too seemed uncomfortable so I believe there were two of them.

not sure if this is appropriate here but it was pretty horrifying – between the racism and the crotch grabbing…the blatant woman-bullying. I shared this with our bartender/server as we left and can’t stop thinking about the other women in that restaurant tonight…

Submitted on 11/24/12 by “Camilla”

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