“Harassment is not acceptable; please do not tolerate it, take action and report it, so that we can take action as well.”  — WMATA official


If you experience or witness sexual harassment on the DC Metro system:

Call Metro Transit Police at 202-962-2121. Report online at wmata.com/harassment

What constitutes “sexual harassment?”

Sexual harassment includes leers, whistles, honks, kissing noises, non-sexually explicit evaluative comments, vulgar gestures, sexually charged comments, flashing, stalking, public masturbation, sexual touching, and assault.


In February 2012, Collective Action for Safe Spaces began an official campaign for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) to implement policy to address sexual harassment and assault on the DC metro. By April 2012, WMATA responded by introducing its first-ever public awareness campaign to combat sexual harassment of customers while using the system. Prior to the campaign, Metro had never tracked reports of sexual harassment. The more Metro-users report incidences of harassment, the better Metro can identify trends and prevent crimes.

If you have filed a report with WMATA, let us know about the outcome.

Please help us raise awareness about the need for anti-harassment work by sharing your story.