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Right Rides: Providing safer travel options for women and LGBT folks

Right Rides: Providing safer travel options for women and LGBT folks

Getting home shouldn’t be a luxury. 

CASS is working hard to bring RightRides, which started in 2004 in New York City, to Washington, DC. CASS’s RightRides DC program will provide free, safe, and late night ride to women and LGBTQ individuals. These are populations that CASS recognizes often lack extra funds for taxis and for whom walking home or taking public transportation alone late at night is particularly dangerous. RightRides DC will organize volunteer drivers and navigators to operate a fleet of cars donated by a car-sharing program. Driving teams will provide riders with a safe ride home (not to parties or bars).

RightRide’s motto is “Getting home shouldn’t be a luxury.” This assertion couldn’t be more true. RightRidesDC would offer the kind of positive, proactive response to sexual violence DC needs.

Want to to see RightRides in DC? We need your help.


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20 thoughts on “RightRides DC

  1. Hello, I think the HollabackDC blog is an enlightening, progressive and informative outlet detailing the awful gender based street harassment occurring daily throughout our nation’s capital. Our neighborhoods, city streets, store fronts, business areas, bars and restaurants, areas providing public transportation and so many others are wrought with people engaging in passive aggressive interactions which is bad enough, however these negative communications also often lead into more aggressive violence. Unwarranted words and come-ons for sexual solicitations are never appropriate. Physical actions that sometimes stem from these words are even worse. As a man, I’m very happy to see people becoming motivated and educated about what has unfortunately been “accepted” by society for far too long. It’s time we all take back our streets and take responsibility for the fact that we deserve to live in an enlightened world which holds each person accountable for soliciting an appropriate level of respect for one another.

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  3. This site is a terrific idea; far too long women have had to handle harassment on their own or with the few people they shared it. I would suggest, however, that the words in the *About* section above [...without being the object of someone’s fantasy] are somewhat misleading. It would be more appropos to say that women should be able to go about their lives without being the object of someone’s ANGER. When men harass, they do not really expect a woman to say: “Ok, I’ll go have sex with you. Just give me a minute to finish my errands/school/job.” What they want is the power to make you jump, get uncomfortable, react. The fact that so many men who initially *seem* to be complimenting, soliciting, or trying to engage a woman, get enraged so quickly and change their line of patter to hostility on a dime, is evidence. They’re not fantasizing, they’re taking revenge.

  4. this is the most absurd, uptight blog i’ve ever seen. in reading some of the posts here i haven’t seen much that has indicated true harassment. most is mild flirtation at best. you all need to get over yourselves.

    • Only reading a select few stories then making a judgment is the most absurd and uptight thing I’ve seen. There’s been more than “mild flirtation,” as you call it, reported here. Find something better to do with your time than put this blog down.

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  6. I love the site – great idea.

    I actually found the site while searching for a possible website that might feature actual pictures taken of the vermin that frequently prowl the DC METRO system harrassing innocent riders.

    If you or anyone know of such a site, of if perhaps you would consider adding such a feature to this site, i woudl be most appreciative.

    The best defense against these monsters are you CAMERA – if harrassers realize that you can photograph or video them and have it posted on POPULAR sites that others can recognize and take action – including the police – that is a SERIOUS deterrent. Becuz its evidence.

    Interested in all thougths on this topic.

  7. Typical feminist site. No wonder feminism ruined women’s happiness in America. And women like you enjoy destroying a man’s chivalrous actions.

    Best of luck in finding happiness…if there is such a path.

  8. Yes!!! I’ve been donating to Right Rides for a couple years now in the hopes that a DC service would be established. I’m a gay woman who has been boycotting DC cabs for over five years now; they are often driven by sexist, homophobic men who think a women who is out late unchaperoned deserves to be treated without respect. I’ve been sexually assaulted by a cab driver myself, as have friends, and I’m scared to get in one now. Even Uber, which I’ve been hearing good things about. I think the only way I’ll ever feel comfortable in a cab again is if a responsible woman is driving or accompanying the driver.

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