We want anyone who experiences harassment to know that they can take action and have a right to feel safe. WMATA’s anti-harassment campaign is helping do just that.

It all began in 2012, when a study of our blog submissions on harassment and assault in DC found that 30 percent of all incidences reported to us took place on DC’s public transit system, including regular reports of groping, indecent exposure, and public masturbation. Yet at the time, WMATA had no policies in place to address sexual harassment and assault.

Flash forward to the fall of 2016. Our latest awareness campaign works to:

  • Support people who experience harassment with messages letting riders know they deserve to be treated with respect.
  • Promote a culture of bystander intervention, where everyone is responsible for speaking out against harassment and making public transit safer.
  • Elevate our city’s most marginalized identities by featuring the faces of people who are part of marginalized groups, such as trans women of color and Muslim women, who face harassment most severely and most frequently.

Learn more about the campaign.