GiGi Thomas is a trans woman of color who has worked for more than 15 years supporting people in need in the D.C.-Baltimore area. She served as a client consultant with the sex-worker rights and human services organization HIPS and recently completed a M.A. in social work from Howard University. Over the years, GiGi helped thousands of community members find shelter and sustenance, reunited families, cared for the injured, and spoke out about injustice especially regarding the treatment of the trans community. Gigi’s peers describe her as “one of those people who just gives and gives with all they have,” and an “amazing woman” with “a heart of gold.”

She is currently serving time at the Maryland Correctional Training Center and is being discriminated against and harassed she is trans (as many other trans women are in the justice system). Here is her most recent letter.


What You Can Do

  1. Donate. Gigi’s family members are using the funds to pay the lawyer and they will put everything else in her commissary fund.
  2. Write a letter to GiGi. Express your support by sending a letter to Gigi Marie Thomas (#456712-1562143), 18800 Roxbury Rd, Hagerstown, MD 21746
  3. Spread the word!