Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS) is a grassroots organization that works to empower people in the DC metropolitan area to build a community free from public sexual harassment and assault. You might know us from our Metro ads or from our work to make bars safer and empower trans women of color. Fun fact: we are almost entirely volunteer run. The communications team has a volunteer structure of about 12 people who create graphics, write blog posts, and serve on our social media street team — alongside the core team of 4 volunteer managers who handle the daily work on social media, email, and website updates. We’re scrappy, energetic, innovative, and, above all, passionate about making DC safer for *everyone.*

We’re actively recruiting a volunteer blog manager and a volunteer social media manager to join our small, but mighty team.

The blog manager will maintain our active blog, recruit program directors and volunteers to write articles, stay on top of topic trends, brainstorm with team members on potential blog ideas, and step up and write pieces too, if needed. The manager will work with the communications director to develop and implement goals for the blog, including our My Spaces, Too, storytelling initiative. They will also support team and program team efforts — like fundraising campaigns, annual gala marketing, etc. We anticipate this role requiring 2-3 hours each week.

The social media manager will maintain our rapidly growing social channels on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, splitting responsibilities with our awesome co-social media manager. They will take turns to manage our presence each week, or by another shared responsibility system mutually agreed upon by both managers. The managers will work with the communications director to develop and implement strategic social media campaigns; manage our daily social media presence to get the word out about our campaigns, events, and other news; and host occasional Twitter chats. It’s an extra plus if you’re a whiz at designing graphics, but it’s not required. We anticipate this role requiring 3-4 hours every other week.

We’re a mostly virtual communications team, but you must be based in the DC metro area and available for an in-person meeting once a month.

Please note that these are volunteer positions.

To apply: Please email with your resume and a short paragraph about why you’re interested in joining our team. Please review our mission statement and values statement before applying.