Why donate to CASS? Because you believe that any individual, regardless of their gender or perceived sexual orientation, should have the freedom to move around our nation’s capital without fear of becoming a victim of sexual harassment or assault.

Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS) works to educate and build community through activism, art, and advocacy in the DC metro area to end public sexual harassment and assault. Founded in 2009, CASS is almost entirely volunteer-run.

Here’s how you can help:

GIVE $10: Your investment will go toward at least one bucket of chalk to help us take back the streets with public anti-harassment messages.

GIVE $25: Your investment will allow CASS to print 50 anti-harassment resource cards to distribute in public places with information about public sexual harassment and assault and strategies for responding to it.

GIVE $50: Help us equip one bar, business, or community with anti-harassment materials to use to educate their patrons as well as other resources for ending public sexual harassment and assault. This level of giving can also help CASS cover one neighborhood with our innovative anti-harassment wheatpastes.

GIVE $100: Tell your friends that you helped CASS hold one free story-telling and creative expression workshop with a local artist to empower the members of our community and inspire future wheatpastes! This investment will also allow CASS to provide one consultation to a community or government group seeking best practices to address public sexual harassment and assault. We have lots of experience under our belt: We’ve worked with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) on sexual assault prevention guidelines for local nightlife establishments, trained local bar staff on bystander intervention strategies, provided international consulting and served as a global model for safe public transit policies and continue to work closely with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) to roll out all phases of the anti-harassment policies and programming we helped establish.

GIVE $250: Your giving will provide for one low-cost training to a local community group or business, giving about 50 trainees new tools for responding to harassment, becoming active bystanders, and joining the city-wide movement against public sexual harassment and assault. That’s 50 more people out on the streets who have the skills and motivation to respond to harassers and intervene when they see others harassed.

GIVE $500: This commitment will help CASS create one free training to give at a school, where we can work with youth to change the culture that allows gender-based violence to take place. This donation also gives CASS the opportunity to hold five free story-telling and creative expression workshops with a local artist to empower our neighbors and contribute to the design of an anti-harassment mural on Georgia Avenue in Petworth.

We celebrate and sincerely appreciate the generosity of those who support giving to CASS. If you are unable to make donation but want to learn more about opportunities to contribute to the movement in other ways, please look into volunteering with us!


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