We Want #NoMoreUpskirting in 2015

You might’ve seen the news by now: There’s a creep on the DC metro taking videos of unsuspecting female — mostly teen-aged — riders, and he’s posting the videos on a porn site.

There are still people in DC who think that women’s bodies are public property. With your support, we’re working to end sexual harassment on the Metro, and we’re providing safe alternatives for women and LGBTQ folks to get home through programs like RightRides DC.

We want to run RightRides DC every week in the new year. We really need your help! Make a gift to CASS right now to fuel RightRides DC in 2015. Even just $20 puts the fuel in one ZipCar to get women home without being sexually harassed!

Thanks to you, we now have people like Ramin on the streets. When he saw a man violently harass a woman outside of a Metro station, he stopped to support her. ”She tried to say she wasn’t wearing that short a skirt, but I said that wasn’t the problem,” he said. “I listened, and then repeated that it was not her fault.”

There’s one day left this year for you to support women and LGBTQ folks who are vulnerable to harassment. Please make a gift now.

P.S. Give $20 to stop sexual harassment now — and help us raise awareness! Share your stories of public sexual harassment on Twitter with the hashtag #NoMoreUpskirting and tweet that you’re supporting CASS today.

Your Support Means Everything – Thank You!

Dear CASS Community,

Thanks to you, we raised $17,270 in 24 hours to end public sexual harassment and assault in DC.

It’s moments like this, when hundreds of community members come together to take action, that prove our power to incite change. With every dollar you give, you are making our city safer, and showing people most at risk for public sexual harassment and assault that they are supported.

Our goal for #GivingTuesday yesterday was to raise $12,168, a dollar for every person in DC who experiences harassment or assault on a daily basis. Because of you, we raised over 130% of that goal.

You are amazing.

With so much love and gratitude,

Chai Shenoy
Executive Director

P.S. Feel like celebrating? Our friends at DC NOW are throwing us a party next week — join us!

12,168 People

Dear Friend,

“Hey, sexy! You should smile more.” Sound familiar?

12,168 people across DC experience sexual harassment or assault on the street every single day. These men and women are reminded on a daily basis that they aren’t safe — and then told to smile about it. Here at Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS), we work hard to support these people but — as a volunteer-led nonprofit — we also need your help.

Please give $122 to help create safe spaces in DC today. That’s a penny for every person in our city who experiences street harassment every day.

For #GivingTuesday, every donation to CASS made between midnight and 1pm on Tuesday, 12/2, will be matched, dollar for dollar. Make your $122 gift now — and it instantly becomes $244.

Your dollars will be put to work to create safe spaces for individuals at greatest risk of sexual harassment and assault. We’re ensuring access to free, safe rides home through programs like RightRides DC, and we’re working toward long-term solutions to build safe streets.

Give to CASS today to end sexual harassment and have your gift matched! 

Let’s go,

Chai Shenoy
Executive Director

P.S. We’ve got until 1pm! Give $122 — just a penny for every person who experiences street harassment nearly every day in DC — and today only, your dollars will be doubled!