Let’s Make DC Nightlife Safer for *Everyone* This #DoMore24

Trans people face tremendous hurdles — like wage inequity, lack of legal protections, and implicit bias — when it comes to securing stable unemployment. In DC alone, 36% of trans men and women have faced unemployment during their lives. But for Black trans people, this statistic increases significantly to a staggering 55%.

Chronic unemployment stemming from literal and figurative discrimination leads to housing instability, lack of health insurance, and poverty — all things that no person should have to face in one of the wealthiest cities in America.

With feedback from our widely popular Safe Bar program, CASS is stepping up our commitment to making bars safer for *everyone* with the new Safe Bar Collective!

If you haven’t heard already, the Safe Bar Collective will provide four trans people of color with access to safe and supportive employment in our partner bars and restaurants. By providing job training, hygiene kits, and transportation stipends, we aim to support people like Cassandra (who started transitioning after she moved to DC) and CJ (who was fired when he asked for sick time) not only get a job, but with the resources they need to keep it.

“I moved to DC because I wanted to be in a city where I could succeed and be myself,” says Cassandra. “I knew I could be myself here.” Cassandra’s job in the Safe Bar Collective will be her first job since she transitioned. Let’s show Cassandra the support she needs and deserves.

Safe Bar Collective can make real impact on real people’s lives, but we can’t do it without you. Today is #DoMore24, our 24-hour giving challenge. We need to raise $13,000 to launch the Safe Bar Collective and we hope you can help us reach our goal. Here’s what you can do:

Donate $48 — today only, your donations will be matched, which makes your $48 automatically $96! With this funding, we can supply our pilot program participants CJ, Kiki, Maria, and Cassandra with the resources and training they need to succeed!

Take a selfie — Tweet a selfie of yourself with this sign and some Tweet that says why you’re supporting our #DoMore24 campaign. Don’t forget to use the #RaisetheBar and #DoMore24 hashtags to help CASS win bonus cash from United Way, the organizers of #DoMore24.

Spread the word — Follow our campaign on social media today and spread the word with your friends, coworkers, paramours, and anyone else you know! Need some ideas to make your own posts? Check out our social media toolkit.

Let’s show Cassandra and CJ they support they need and deserve — and make DC safer for *everyone.*

Let’s Jam! Safe Space Jam.

Tickets Available Now

Join CASS for our annual fundraiser to celebrate all of our work to build safe public spaces for everyone. And oh, do we have a lot to celebrate!

In just the past year, we trained 26 Safe Bars, facilitated over 40 workshops, hired Nona, launched ReThinking Masculinity, and so much more.

Join us at Room & Board on April 27th at 6:30pm for the party of the year. From booze and food to music to rooftop views to a silent auction, there’s something for everyone.


 April 27th at 6:30pm
When: Room & Board, 1840 14th St NW, Washington, DC
Grab your tickets here!




ReThink Masculinity This Giving Tuesday

This year, CASS has trained more than 100 people — mostly women and LGBTQGNC folks — to assertively respond to street harassment. Now we’re working with partners to build a program that will engage men in the movement to end gender-based violence.

In the new year, we want to work with 45 men to rethink masculinity and promote healthy behaviors.

In 2017, we will launch ReThink Masculinity: an eight-week program that will help men identify problematic behaviors and cultural norms, learn alternative behaviors, and join the movement stop gender-based violence.

We want to raise $15,000 to build and implement this program in 2017 — and every dollar we raise on #GivingTuesday will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $3,000.

Are you ready?

Here are FOUR ways to get involved right now:

  1. Mark your calendar for Giving Tuesday on  Tuesday, November 29th.
  2. Pledge to give.
  3. Join our Twitter Chat at 8pm on November 17th using #AllMenCan to talk about healthy behaviors and share why you support our new program.
  4. Fundraise for us! Here’s how:
      • Create your fundraising page. Visit our campaign page on Razoo, and hit the “Fundraise” button under “Join This Team!”
      • Come up with a gimmick. Can you bake a cake for everyone who gives $100? Or maybe film yourself doing a cartwheel for every $50? Get creative!
      • Set a goal that feels right for you.
      • Ask your friends to give on November 29th! (We’ll send you some social media and email templates!)
      • Get yourself started with your own personal gift on November 29th.

So, are you ready for November 29th? We are!

Got questions? Drop us a line at info@collectiveactiondc.org.

You’ve Blown Us Away.

Our September sustainer campaign comes to a close today, and I am so thrilled to announce that your giving this month has helped us exceed our fundraising goals! We have 25 new amazing partners in the Collective Action Circle, sustaining our work with monthly gifts and allowing us to grow.

Today also marks the end of CASS’s fiscal year, and I’m thrilled to report our progress. Here’s what we’ve accomplished this year:

  • We organized a historic roundtable that brought 40 diverse community members to speak out against street harassment.
  • We organized 3 rallies — partnering with community groups throughout the District and beyond to reclaim safe spaces from men’s rights activists, street harassment, and Islamophobia.
  • We facilitated 14 workshops, training 198 community members to speak out against harassment.
  • We partnered with Defend Yourself to certify 17 Safe Bars, training bar staff to recognize and respond to aggression before it escalates. We’ve also started building Safe Bars programs in Philadelphia and Colorado!
  • We showed up in news outlets such as The Washington Post and DCist — for our advocacy against sexual harassment, assault, and discrimination.

And that’s not all! We’ve also laid the groundwork for some exciting things to come in the new fiscal year:

  • We’re partnering with DC Rape Crisis Center, ReThink, and man-identifying community members to build an intensive program that will support and promote healthy masculinities.
  • Safe Bars will be working with DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence to spread safety messages in businesses and community centers throughout the city — starting with DC Public Library!
  • We’re launching the next phase of anti-harassment ads on public transit in partnership with Stop Street Harassment.
  • We’re working to bring anti-street harassment efforts into DC Public Schools to serve those who experience sexual harassment the most: youth!

Everything we do relies on the support, participation, and enthusiasm of people like you — the hundreds of amazing humans who have stood with us to elevate the voices of our city’s most marginalized communities.

Thank you so much for all that you do to make DC’s public spaces safer!

Join Our Collective Action Circle!

CASS is, quite frankly, the little engine that could. These past few months have seen an explosion in the number of Safe Bars trained; we #HiredNona and are working with partners across the city to ensure our LGBTQ family has access to safe public spaces; we’ve continued to work with WMATA to ensure you feel safe on DC’s metro system; and our team tirelessly works with DC Council to make street harassment a priority. And we do it all with one full time staffer (our Executive Director, Jessica Raven…maybe you’ve heard of her??), our fellow Nona, and a staff of volunteers.

But we can’t talk about our achievements without mentioning the last group who make us so successful: YOU! Our amazing, dedicated supporters and donors, who continue to show up to our events, tag us on social media, and give when you can.

And so, today, we are officially launching our Collective Action Circle!

The Collective Action Circle is a group of individuals passionate about CASS’s mission to promote a culture free of public and sexual harassment who provide CASS with monthly financial support.

Jessica, Nona, and our volunteer staff need resources to continue holding public workshops, training bars to be safe places, meeting with WMATA and council members to advocate for better policies that will make our city more welcoming for all.

Join our circle! You’ll be directly contributing to our small-but-mighty work, and there are even some perks:

$15/month: Join the Collective Action Circle!

$30/month: Sponsor our advocacy work with WMATA. It’s your metro, you deserve to feel safe!

$50/month: Buy supplies for an anti-harassment workshop! Plus attend one CASS anti-harassment workshop for free. Just send us an email on which workshop you’d like to attend.

$75/month: Sponsor two sexual assault prevention trainings each year. Plus you’ll get free entry to Lights, Camera, Collective Action (LCCA), our annual gala in April! (It’s basically the party of the year)

$100/month: You da the real MVP! At this level, you are supporting our anti-street harassment work in each of our programs. As a token of our appreciation, you can attend LCCA for free, have you name added to our “Supporter” page at LCCA, and get a CASS sticker.


So please, consider joining our family. Your support means to world to us and we’ll make sure you feel as appreciated as you will be! 

BONUS: if you join during our September campaign, we’ll give you a free ticket to our upcoming Safe Bars celebration.

Questions? Please reach out to me, Abby, CASS’s Director of Development at abby@collectiveactiondc.org  

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