“I’ve got to tell you, you are gorgeous.”

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I was walking home from the Potomac Ave metro when a car coming towards me slowed down in the middle of the street. The guy rolled down his window and said “excuse me”, but I continued to walk on and figured if he was asking for directions he’d follow up with a question. Instead, he said, “I’ve got to tell you, you are gorgeous”.

I continued to walk on, and he yelled out “Aren’t you going to thank me?” When I still didn’t respond, he got angry and said “Fine, f*ck you, bitch”. Since when were women expected to be thankful of unsolicited compliments from people they don’t even know or want to know and are trying to ignore?! This isn’t the first time I was expected to thank a stranger for their supposed compliment. A DC street cleaner also got angry that I didn’t thank him in that same neighborhood a few months back.

Submitted by anonymous on 3/15/2009

Location: 14th & D SE

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Creepy Driver

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This story was submitted to our friend over at Stop Street Harassment.  Since it happened in DC, we are cross posting it.

I was walking from my house to the Potomac Avenue Metro station in DC on a hot Saturday afternoon, unusually dressed up (for me) in shorts and a cute tank top to meet up with friends at a small party. A guy driving a silver SUV said something to me along the lines of “hey, you’re looking fine.” Inappropriate compliment by total stranger, bleh. But then, he kept driving extremely slowly and kept talking to me. At first, I think I just glanced at him and kept walking, I didn’t say anything.

When he kept creeping along beside me, I started to get nervous. I was near my trusted corner dry cleaners, and abruptly turned and went inside the cleaners. I told the lady there what was going on, and just chatted for a few minutes. I waited until I saw the creepy guy in the silver SUV finally drive away before going back out to the sidewalk. I shouldn’t have to duck inside off the sidewalk or feel afraid to get a little dressed up because of creepy guys harassing me, but this episode reminded me why I don’t even try to look cute more often. And it’s always worse in the summer when wearing a skirt or shorts or (gasp!) exposing arms or shoulders.

Submitted by Anonymous

Location: Near the Potomic Avenue Metro

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