“He tried to block my path.”

Time:  Evening Rush Hour (3:30pm-7:30pm)
Location: Power walking north on 17th St NE @ Lang St NE

I’m used to drivers slowing way down or even stopping in the middle of the street to offer me rides or “try to talk to me,” but this was probably the first time someone attempted to block my path. A driver on busy 17th St NE pulled into the alley entrance 10 ft ahead of me since I kept walking after ignoring him. So basically I had the choice of stopping, walking in front of his into the alley, or walking behind his car into traffic so I could go around his car to keep going on the sidewalk. Of course he yelled “I just want to talk to you!!” after I walked behind the car. Why do people not realize this kind of behavior is threatening?

Submitted 11/5/16 by Anonymous

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