They Yelled Gay Slurs, Then Threw Open Ketchup Packets At Him


Location: New York Ave (near EchoStage)
Time: Late Night (12am-5am)

I attended a really fun concert at EchoStage a few months ago with my boyfriend and it was SUPER busy trying to leave, so we opted to walk to New York Ave, grab some food, and call an Uber/Lyft from there. As we walked along New York Ave, a car slowed down next to us and a few teenagers rolled down the window, commenting on my boyfriend’s outfit (not that what you’re wearing matters in street harassment, but he was wearing fairly normal jeans and a button down plaid shirt, nothing that stands out) and yelling gay slurs. Suddenly, open packets of ketchup and mustard were hurled in his direction, and the car sped off. It all happened so quickly! My boyfriend was left standing there with a stained shirt and both of us were stunned, not sure whether to laugh or yell in anger after such a bizarre assault. I would just chalk it up to teenagers doing silly teenager things, but the gay slur stuck with me. Everyone deserves to feel safe on the streets, no matter their gender, what they wear, or who they are.

Submitted 8/15/16 by “SG”

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