“In my own damn apartment”

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My apartment isn’t very nice. I’m ok with that. I don’t have a lot of money right now, and it’s a place to live. The windows in the kitchen and bedroom both face a sort of small dead-end alleyway between the building and a retaining wall for the surrounding hill. As in, there is no reason for ANYONE to be in that alleyway because it goes nowhere and is small and dark, and the only thing you could be doing in there is looking in my windows.
Yesterday after work, I was standing in my own kitchen in my underwear. I don’t have AC and it’s 100 degrees out, so this isn’t that unusual. There was some maintenance going on outside the building, but as my window faces nothing but an empty alley, I didn’t think anything of it. Until I looked up and realized there was a man with a leaf blower staring intently at me. I stared back and then returned to my business. I will not let him chase me from my own kitchen. Besides, the only place I could go that would not be visible from the alley windows is the bathroom. I refuse to cower in my bathroom until he goes back to doing his job.

I contacted my landlord about the experience and her response was to “get some blinds.” Allow me to note that about half of the windows in the apartment came with blinds, but this one did not. No mention was made of reprimanding the employee for his conduct (what was he EVEN DOING in that alley and why was he looking in my open windows?!) and she informed me that it would NOT be possible to inform me when maintenance crews would be on the property.

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College Creeps

I was walking home from a friend’s apartment in Charlottesville at a little after 2am on a Wednesday. I don’t usually walk alone at night, but it was a short walk and I really wanted to get home.
As I passed Brandon Ave, a group of (CLEARLY intoxicated) college-age guys in a small SUV that was stopped at the Brandon light started yelling things at me, whistling and honking. Not only was I tired and irritable, but I was on the phone and I didn’t take kindly to the interruption of my conversation. I turned and fired off a quick “FUCK OFF!” over the shoulder and resumed my conversation, unshaken. They then ran the light, making a left onto the street where I was walking. They pulled up next to me (on the wrong side of the road!!!) and threw garbage at me from their car, all while yelling things like “FUCKING BITCH!”
When they were finished, they gunned the engine and sped off. The whole encounter left me frightened and furious. I was too shaken to get the license plate number, which is a shame because not only did they harass me, but the driver was clearly very drunk.

Submitted by M on 6/18/2010

Location: JPA & Brandon Ave, Charlottesville, VA

Time of Harassment: Late Night (12:A-5A)

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