Inappropriate Driver on the 10B


Photo by chenines via flickr

When I got on the bus, the driver said “You tall! You play pro ball? I bet I could beat you on the court. It would be a cheap date.” I sat down. When I wondered if the bus fare included ridiculousness I was told “Ok basketball lady”. He spoke the whole time I was on the bus to various people. He told another rider that when some singer from the Miracles sung he was convinced he was gay and “that turned me off right away. Cuz that’s some sick stuff right there. He then said “They call them customers because they cuss you out” and laughed.

After 30 minutes on the bus, when I went to get off at my stop, he opened the door and then said “You know what I was going to tell you earlier?” I shook my head and moved to get off the bus. He said “No come here, come here. I don’t want them to hear (gesturing to the rest of the passengers) I was going to say “When we lying down we the same height anyway.” And he laughed out loud.

In shock, I walked off the bus. I was so mad, so pissed, I nearly cried. Where does this guy get off thinking that he can say these things to me and I won’t do anything about it? I can’t believe how paralyzed I felt on the bus. I walked off. What the? So, here I am, trying to redeem some sense of self, pissed as hell, and glad Holla BackĀ  DC! is here. I’ll be reporting to WMATA too. Jack ass!

Submitted by AL on 2/9/2011

Location: On 10B bus, headed North from Alexandria to Arlington

Time of harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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SUV Street Prowler

Though the weather today wasn’t great, I still wanted to be out and about. After a meeting with someone, I walked around Old Town, window shopping and taking random cell phone photos of the beautiful antiques, clothing, flowers and anything that piqued my interest as I walked by. One of those things I DID NOT want to take a photo of was a harasser!

I had to head to an ATM for a quick second, so I turned onto N. Washington Street and headed north. As I walked towards Pendleton Street, I hear “Psst…psst!” I ignore it and it gets louder. I turn to see a man in a black SUV is doing it.

“Don’t say ‘Psst…psst!’ at me,” I say. “That is so rude!”

This guy says “Hawh?” Apparently he doesn’t get it or is simply playing dumb. He continues trying to get my attention! He doesn’t get that I don’t want it and never asked for it!

“I do not know you,” I said. “You are a stranger to me. PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!” Read More