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DC Metro Stations Roll Out Anti‐Harassments PSAs in Response to Campaign by Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS)

June 8, 2012

For more information, contact:
Chai Shenoy, cofounder


Over the past two weeks, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority (WMATA) has rolled out an Anti‐Harassment Public Service Announcement (PSA) Campaign featuring 40 advertisements at 28 metro stations across the DMV region.

“I’m Not The One Who Should Be Ashamed,” reads one advertisement. “Rub Against Me and I’ll Expose You,” reads another. The three ads, which are featured in English and Spanish depending on station, list a newly established email address and website for metro‐goers to report to Metro Transit Police any incidences of sexual harassment or sexual assault experienced or witnessed on a train, station, bus or bus stop. The ads come in response to a months‐long campaign spearheaded by the D.C. grassroots group, Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS). In February, CASS testified before the D.C. City Council urging WMATA to adopt an anti‐harassment public relations campaign, implement a better tracking system for harassment, and establish improved employee training on sexual harassment response and prevention.

According to statistics collected by CASS, 30% of incidents of sexual harassment which occurred in D.C. over the past three years took place near or within a Metro transit center.

The Anti‐Harassment PSA Campaign, which aims to help WMATA officials identify trends and prevent future crime marks the first time that Metro Transit Police are tracking incidents of verbal sexual assault. “The ads are a great first step in acknowledging that we, WMATA customers, will not tolerate these types of crimes,” said Chai Shenoy, co‐founder of CASS. WMATA’s Anti‐Harassment PSA Campaign can be found at the following metro locations:

1.    Addison Road Metro
2.    Ballston Metro
3.    Benning Road Metro
4.    Benning Road Metro – Spanish
5.    Capitol Heights  Metro
6.    Cheverly Metro
7.    Cheverly Metro – Spanish
8.    Clarendon Metro
9.    Cleveland Park Metro
10.    DuPont Circle Metro
11.    Eisenhower Metro – Spanish
12.    Eisenhower Metro
13.    Foggy Bottom Metro – Spanish
14.    Forest Glenn Metro
15.    Forest Glenn Metro
16.    Fort Totten Metro – Spanish
17.    Fort Totten Metro
18.    Franconia‐Springfield Metro
19.    Franconia‐Springfield Metro – Spanish
20.    Georgia Avenue Petworth Metro
21.    Glenmont Metro
22.    Glenmont Metro – Spanish
23.    Grosvenor Metro
24.    Huntington Metro
25.    Judiciary Square Metro – Spanish
26.    Landover Metro
27.    Landover Metro
28.    L’Enfant Plaza Metro – Spanish
29.    New Carrollton Metro
30.    Potomac Avenue Metro
31.    Potomac Avenue Metro – Spanish
32.    Prince Georges Plaza Metro
33.    Prince Georges Plaza Metro – Spanish
34.    Takoma Metro
35.    Van Dorn Metro – Spanish
36.    Van Ness 006 Metro
37.    Van Ness  008 Metro
38.    Waterfront 006 Metro – Spanish39.    Waterfront 007 Metro
40.    Wheaton 014 Metro

Founded in 2009, Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS) is a grassroots organization that aims to empower the DC Metro area to build a community free from public sexual harassment and assault through such methods as online activism, public policy and advocacy, community workshops, and innovative direct services.

Mad Wo/Men Ad Agency

Yeah, that’s right. We said it. We are a Mad Wo/Men Ad agency with all the glory of Penn Ave. 😉 Well, we got three sets of ads up right now in English and Spanish in the DC Metro system. Where?, say you.

1.      Addison Road    Metro – Ashamed
2.      Ballston                Metro – Ashamed
3.      Benning Road    Metro – Rub
4.      Benning Road    Metro – Spanish
5.      Capitol Heights Metro – Ashamed
6.      Cheverly                Metro – Rub
7.      Cheverly                Metro – Spanish
8.      Clarendon               Metro – Ashamed
9.      Cleveland Park  Metro – Rub
10.     DuPont Circle   Metro – Rub
11.     Eisenhower              Metro – Spanish
12.     Eisenhower              Metro – Ashamed
13.     Foggy Bottom    Metro – Spanish
14.     Forest Glenn    Metro – Ashamed
15.     Forest Glenn    Metro – Rub
16.     Fort Totten             Metro – Spanish
17.     Fort Totten             Metro – Ashamed
18.     Franconia-Springfield   Metro – Rub
19.     Franconia-Springfield   Metro – Spanish
20.     Georgia Avenue Petworth Metro – Ashamed
21.     Glenmont                Metro – Rub
22.     Glenmont                Metro – Spanish
23.     Grosvenor               Metro – Ashamed
24.     Huntington              Metro – Rub
25.     Judiciary Square        Metro – Spanish
26.     Landover                Metro – Ashamed
27.     Landover                Metro – Rub
28.     L’Enfant Plaza  Metro – Spanish
29.     New Carrollton  Metro – Rub
30.     Potomac Avenue  Metro – Ashamed
31.     Potomac Avenue  Metro – Spanish
32.     Prince Georges Plaza    Metro – Rub
33.     Prince Georges Plaza    Metro – Spanish
34.     Takoma          Metro – Rub
35.     Van Dorn                Metro – Spanish
36.     Van Ness        006     Metro – Ashamed
37.     Van Ness        008     Metro – Rub
38.     Waterfront      006     Metro – Spanish
39.     Waterfront      007     Metro – Ashamed
40.     Wheaton 014     Metro – Rub

We were told by Caroline Lucas, WMATA Communications Manager, that the ads will be installed on all buses. Have you seen one? If so, click it and send it us at @hollabackdc tagged with #antiSHads.

Now, the first person to send us pictures of you in front of all 40 ads, tagged #antiSHads, on Twitter and/or Facebook will get a prize. Do it by next Friday, June 15. Seriously! Make it happen because Mad Wo/Men Agency partners can.

And, big congrats to YOU, Pascale, Kay, Dienna, Ami, Allie, Ben, & Holly. Making it happen like only rockstars can.


Hang Out With WIN

After a long day o’work, come out and hang with Women’s Information Network as they host a happy hour in honor of CASS. You can learn more about the RightRides DC program, and enjoy appetizers for WIN members.
Today, 6:30pm – 8:30pm, at Public Bar, 1214 18th St. NW
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