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A new prescription for tackling sexual violence
ThinkProgress, 11/28/17

This Is Why Boys Need More Emotional Support Than Girls
Huffington Post, 11/17/17

Alexandria man arrested for indecent exposure for 5th time since 2015, police say
Fox News 5, 11/17/17

Employers Hire Sexual Harassment Trainers
Voice of America, 11/15/17

How The Patriarchy Harms Men And Boys, Too
Huffington Post, 11/10/17

Anti-seksisme workshop voor gewone Amerikanen
RTL Netwerk, 11/9/17

Upskirting, street harassment becomes rising threat in D.C., report finds
GW Hatchet, 11/9/17

Yes, sexual harassment is an urbanist issue
Greater Greater Washington, 11/2/17

New nonprofits emerge to teach bars how to curb sexual violence and other social ills
BevSpot, 11/1/17

Women Organized Against Rape wants to make Philly bars, clubs and restaurants safer
Billy Penn, 10/26/17

We All Know A Harvey Weinstein — Here’s What Men Can Do About It
Huffington Post, 10/25/17

The Men Taking Classes to Unlearn Toxic Masculinity
The Cut, 10/23/17

Why the #MeToo movement is a public transportation issue
Washington Post, 10/20/17

What can we expect from the #MeToo movement?
WUSA9, “Off Script,” 10/18/17

Meet the woman behind the Me Too movement
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, “7.30 with Leigh Sales,” 10/18/17

What Cities Are Doing to Fight Street Harassment
CityLab, 10/18/17

#MeToo movement goes viral in an effort to combat sexual harassment, assault
WJLA, 10/17/17

#MeToo shines light on sexual assault in DC area
WUSA9, 10/17/17

Protecting People on Both Sides of the Bar
Seven Fifty Daily, 8/29/17

The Failure of Politics to Address America’s Rape Culture Problem
Sputnik News, 8/4/17

Since Pulse, LGBTQ Bars Have Upped Security and Activists Are Worried
Vice 7/24/17

Driver Arrested For Intentionally Striking A Transgender Woman In Northeast
DCist, 7/13/17

Man Arrested for Transgender Beating in Southwest DC Held Without Bond
Metro Weekly, 7/7/17

Trans Woman Attacked In Southwest With Roman Candles And Metal Bat
DCist, 7/6/17

Interview with Collective Action for Safe Spaces
Portside, 6/21/17

Group hopes to improve black transgender unemployment rate
WUSA9, 6/9/17

Man exposing himself on Metro highlights larger issue
WUSA9, 6/6/17

Organization helps transgender men and women with job placement
WJLA, 6/2/17

After the Portland Tragedy, Bystander Intervention Training Is More Important than Ever
Slate, 6/2/17

Safe Bars Is Now Helping Train And Find Jobs For Trans Workers Of Color
DCist, 5/31/17

CINQ HEURES — Washington, quand la nuit inspire la peur
Cross Worlds, 5/21/17

Autostraddle, 5/1/17

AG Sessions Works to Stop Police Reform; NYC Police Infiltrate BLM
Sputnik News, “Any Means Necessary,” 4/5/17

Metro Uses Outreach Program to Combat Sexual Harassment
NBC Washington, 4/4/17

Metro works to raise awareness about sexual harassment at stations in DMV
Fox News 5, 4/4/17

Safe Bars Program Teaches Bartenders Sexual Harassment Intervention
Moxie, 3/10/17

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace
WAMU, “1A,” 3/2/17

New Bill Would Require Training For D.C. Employees To Stop Street Harassment
DCist, 2/22/17

Raise the Bar: Discrimination in Queer Safe Spaces
Out, 2/15/17

Muslim Advocates Demand More Than “Lip Service” From D.C. Council
Street Sense, 2/7/17

DC bars are pioneering a program to help prevent harassment
Greater Greater Washington, 2/6/17

LGBT dance protest targets Trump Hotel
Washington Blade, 2/4/17

D.C. exhibit, businesses draw awareness to public harassment
GW Hatchet, 1/25/17

Anti-Harassment Training In Demand As Inauguration Approaches
WAMU, 1/16/17

New Outdoor Exhibit Raises Awareness, Concerns About Street Harassment
DCist, 1/11/17

Ingenious Restaurant Develops A Secret Code For Women Who Need Help
A+, 1/5/17

Playing It Safe: The Need for Safe Spaces in the Queer Community
Tagg Magazine, 1/3/17


DC Bartenders Train to Spot and Prevent Sexual Assault
NBC Washington, 12/28/16

Local Advocacy Groups Forming ‘D.C. Justice For Muslims Coalition’
DCist, 12/19/16

SafeBars Meets Goal Of Training 20 Bars In 2016
DCist, 12/9/16

Conversations with 23 of D.C.’s most interesting people
Washington City Paper, 12/8/16

#GivingTuesday: Ways to Help in the DC Area
NBC Washington, 11/29/16

These Bars Are Training Their Staffs to Step In and Stop Hate Crimes
Tales of the Cocktail, 11/28/16

Sexual violence isn’t uncommon on Metro. Here’s what WMATA is doing to fix that.
Greater Greater Washington, 11/14/16

Code Word Helps Keep Women Safe In Bars
Her Daily, 11/7/16

The World Tonight for Friday, October 21
BBC Radio 4, 10/21/16

Safe Bars Promoted In Fort Frances
93.1 The Border (CFOB), 10/14/16

Trump and America’s Rape Culture Problem
Sputnik, “Any Means Necessary,” 10/12/16

New Posters For Domestic Violence Awareness Month Remind People They Deserve Respect
DCist, 9/30/16

27 bartenders and waitresses share the most disgusting things male customers have said to them
Revelist, 9/26/16

Safe Bars
Upworthy, 9/17/16

7 Ways Bartenders Can Prevent Sexual Harassment and Assault
Tales of the Cocktail, 8/31/16

Behind The Bar, In Front Of The Curve: Safe Bars Trains To Stop Sexual Harassment
DCist, 8/16/16

After Misgendering At Public Pool, DPR Pledges Sensitivity Training For Staffers
DCist, 8/3/16

Training Bar Staff And Bystanders To Prevent Sexual Assault
WAMU, “The Kojo Nnamdi Show,” 7/27/16

This Brilliant New Program Helps Bartenders Put A Stop To Sexual Assault
Self, 7/26/16

À Washington, des barmans apprennent à repérer et réagir à une agression sexuelle
madmoiZelle, 7/26/16

Bartenders are joining the fight against sexual assault with this awesome new program
Hello Giggles, 7/25/16

Foodie & The Beast: July 24
Foodie & The Beast, 7/24/16

Bars Are Trying Something New To Help Stop Sexual Assault, And It’s Actually Pretty Simple
A+, 7/21/16

Bartenders in DC are learning how to stop sexual assault, and so far it’s working.
UpWorthy, 7/18/16

Bars Are Learning How To Stop Sexual Assault, And The NFL Is Helping
Huffington Post, 7/13/16

D.C. Man Arrested in Metro assault
Afro, 6/29/16

Alcohol Isn’t the Cause of Campus Sexual Assault. Men Are.
Washington Post, 6/10/16

3 Suspects Wanted After Sexual Assault on Metro
WUSA9, 6/3/16

Working to Stop Sexual Harassment and Sex Crimes on Metro
Washington Post, 6/3/16

Trans Women in D.C. Face Extreme Harassment and Violence. That’s Why This Nonprofit Wants to #HireNona.
Washington City Paper, 6/1/16

DC Metro Rape Highlights Why Women Are Always Aware of Rape
Huffington Post, 5/27/16

Reporting A Rape On Metro
WAMU “The Kojo Nnamdi Show,” 5/26/16

Accused Metro Rapist Had Been Identified as Suspect in Earlier Indecent Exposure
Washington Post, 5/24/16

How Washington Is Trying to Stop Daily Street Harassment of Women
CBC News, 5/22/16

Safe Bars Brings Sexual Harassment Intervention Training to D.C. Nightlife
GW Hatchet, 5/15/16

Sexual Harassment In Bars Is Pervasive, But A New Project Offers Help
DCist, 5/5/16

Breaking Down Sexual Harassment On D.C.’s Metro By The Numbers
WAMU “The Kojo Nnamdi Show,” 4/15/16

Chariots for Women
Huffington Post, 4/13/15

Data: More Than Three Quarters Of People Harassed On Metro Don’t Report It
DCist, 4/12/16

Moving Past Street Harassment Awareness
Feminist Campus Blog, 4/11/16

D.C. Turns Up Efforts to Stop Street Harassment
WAMU “The Kojo Nnamdi Show,” 4/4/16

Protest Held Outside Shaw Library after Woman Ordered to Remove Hijab
WTOP, 3/26/16

Women Wearing Headscarves Rally Planned At Shaw Library Tomorrow
DCist, 3/25/16

A Woman Was Threatened With Handcuffs After She Refused to Remove Her Hijab in a Library
Mic, 3/25/16

Cop Who Told Woman In Library To Remove Hijab: I Thought It Was A Hoodie
Huffington Post, 3/25/16

DC cop threatens woman with handcuffs when she refuses to take off hijab at public library
Raw Story, 3/24/16

Witnesses say Public Library Officer tells Muslim woman to remove head covering or leave
WJLA, 3/23/16

Officer accused of asking woman to remove her hijab at D.C. library
WTOP, 3/23/16

Officer Harasses Woman For Wearing Hijab At Shaw Library, Eyewitnesses Say
DCist, 3/23/16

New $40,000 Grant Established For Anti-Street Harassment Public Art
DCist 3/15/16

Metro Commits to New Wave of Anti-Harassment Ads
DCist, 2/10/16

Sexual Assault Opponents Take Over Dupont, While Misogynist Blogger Retreats To A Hotel Basement
DCist, 2/7/16

‘Pro-Rape’ Blogger Says He’s Been ‘Advised To Leave The Entire D.C. Area Immediately’
DCist, 2/5/16



D.C. Council holds roundtable on street harassment
Washington Post, 12/9/15

At Street Harassment Hearing, Witnesses Share Stories, Call for Safer Environments
Washington City Paper, 12/3/15

Victims Speak Out At D.C. Council’s First-Ever Roundtable On Street Harassment
DCist, 12/3/15

Woman Pleads Guilty to ‘Humiliating’ Twerking Attack at D.C. Gas Station
NBC Washinghton, 12/2/15

Woman Charged With Sex Abuse After ‘Humiliating’ Twerking Attack in D.C. Gas Station
NBC Washington, 11/10/15

‘Chill Out, He’s Married:’ Why Concerts Aren’t Always Safe Spaces
DCist, 8/31/15

Foggy Bottom Metro hosts street harassment awareness event
The GW Hatchet, 4/15/15

RightRides DC serves the entire city with safe spaces in cars
The Washington Post, 3/28/15

Free Ride Service for Women, LGBT People Is Expanding in Ward 6
Hill Now, 3/10/15

Metro has come a long way regarding sexual harassment in its system
The Washington Post, 3/6/14

Is It Time To Switch To Lyft?
Refinery29, 2/27/15

Metro Launches Anti-Sexual Harassment Campaign Ads
The Patch, 2/24/15

Metro Launches New Anti-Harassment Campaign
DCist, 2/24/15



How To Get Home On New Year’s Eve
DCist, 12/31/14

How to Avoid Uber’s Surge Pricing on New Year’s
Washingtonian, 12/31/14

Videos of Metro riders posted on porn site
Fox 5, 12/30/14

Videos Posted To Porn Site Show Unsuspecting Women On Metro
DCist, 12/30/14

When Is Street Harassment a Big Deal?
Huffington Post, 12/29/14

Why the Delhi Metro needs to get rid of the ladies compartment
Quartz, 11/23/14

No Red Tape initiative will bring bystander intervention training to local bars
Columbia Spectator, 11/17/14

RightRides DC offers trips home that are free — and free of harassment
The Washington Post, 11/14/14

Should We Criminalize Catcalling?
Neon Tommy (Annenberg Digital News), 11/12/14

What is street harassment? Do men and women see this issue differently?
WHUR 96.3 FM, 11/7/14

Gear Prudence: What Should I Do When People Hit on Me While I Ride My Bike?
Washington City Paper, 11/5/14

RightRides Offering Free, Safe Rides on Halloween Night
CBS Local, 10/31/14

When Street Harassment Continues Online
The New York Times, 10/30/14

Free Rides on Halloween – SoberRide and RightRides (for women & LGBT people)
Prince of Petworth, 10/30/14

Q&A: Help stop street harassment with Collective Action for Safe Spaces
New Columbia Heights, 10/27/14

D.C. Police Seek Taxi Driver in Sexual Assault (audio)
CBS DC/WNEW 99.1, 10/13/14

Group Will Launch Free Ride Service For Women, LGBT Individuals On Halloween
DCist, 10/2/14

How Sketchy Is That D.C. Street? There’s An App For That
WAMU 88.5/NPR, 8/8/14

Take Back the Streets, Ladies — Two Wheels At a Time
Grist, 7/10/14

Building Supportive Communities: How We Can Make Every Space Safe for Survivors
EverydayFeminism, 5/1/14

D.C. Metro Combats Sexual Harassment, Urges Riders To Speak Up
NPR, 5/1/14

Washington Times Columnist Likens Toll Lane Proposal To Rape
DCist, 4/25/14

DC Bill Targets Police Mishandling of Sexual Assault Victims
Al Jazeera, 4/8/14

Step Up in the Club: A new movement tries to enlist bartenders and bouncers to protect women from sexual aggression
Slate, 4/2/14

Seeking Solutions For Sexual Aggression Against Women In Bars
NPR, 3/7/14

DC Assault Bill Spurs Activism
The Hoya, 3/3/14

10 Things That Street #HarassmentIs, In Case You Really Don’t Think It’s Important
The Huffington Post, 3/3/14

In Washington, Options Open Up for Commuting on Two Wheels
Washington Post, 2/18/14

Hank’s Oyster Bar takes down “Couples Who Fight” menu after Collective Action For Safe Spaces, others on Twitter point out how awful it is
DCist, 2/14/14

23 Awesome Feminist Digital Campaigns That Changed the World
PolicyMic, 1/7/14



D.C. Council Considers Stronger Support for Sex Assault Victims
NBC Washington, 12/12/13

DC bill targets police mishandling of sexual assault victims
Al Jazeera, 12/12/13

Council Will Hold Hearing On Sexual Assault Victims’ Rights Bill
DCist, 12/11/13

How should bicyclists deal with harassers?
The Times Herald, 12/2/13

How should bicyclists handle harassment? D.C. area groups teach empowerment tactics
The Washington Post, 11/29/13

Fighting for safer streets for women bike commuters
ElevationDC, 11/26/13

DC Metro takes sexual harassment seriously with far-reaching new campaign
Feministing, 10/16/13

Standing up to street harassment
WBEZ Chicago, 10/4/13

Tapestry: Renee Davidson of CASS Tells About the Anti-Street Harassment Movement
2020ProductionsDC, 8/12/13

Greatest, 7/5/13

Survey: 17 Percent of Respondents ‘Hardly Ever’ Feel Safe Using Public Transportation Alone
DCist, 6/11/13

Free Car Service For DC Area Women Late At Night
WUSA9, 6/11/13

Push to Bring to DC A Safer Alternative to Cabs
WUSA9, 6/11/13

D.C. taxis struggle with passenger, driver safety
WTOP, 6/11/13

D.C. taxi regulators lack safety statistics
The Examiner, 6/5/13

Taxi drivers, passengers agree more safety measures are needed
Washington Times, 6/5/13

Adams Morgan Ad Slammed for Sexual Implications
Washington City Paper, 5/28/13

Adams Morgan ‘Al Fresco, Al Frisky’ Ad Called ‘Troubling’ By Group
DCist, 5/28/13

Women’s rights activists to fight against explicit content on Facebook
Tech2, 5/25/13

Today’s Lady News: BareMinerals Has Men Carry Creepy “You Look Beautiful Sweaty” Signs At Marathon
The Frisky, 5/1/13

Moving Beyond Awareness, The Conversation On Street Harassment Continues
CampusProgress, 4/22/13

Lessons from the Commission on the Status of Women: Collective Action for Safe Spaces (DC)
PreventConnect, 4/17/13 

Fighting Street Harassment With Smartphones
Slate, 4/9/13

Buses and Metros Carry Messages Against Harassment
Women’s Media Center, 4/13/13

Metro anti-harassment campaign exposes predators
WTOP, 4/4/13

How It Feels To Be Free…
Voices of the 99 Percent, 4/1/13

WMATA taking steps to curb sexual harassment
Greater Greater Washington, 3/6/13

Metro sexual harassment: Only one arrest out of 99 complaints
WJLA ABC 7, 2/13/13

Artist Takes Aim at Street Harassment
NBC Washington, 2/12/13

Metro receives 99 harassment complaints in 2012
Washington Examiner, 2/12/13


How to stop sexual harassment on public transportation
The Guardian, 10/9/12

Woman’s Essay on Sexual Assault Sheds More Light On Similar Experiences
DCist, 7/15/13 

On the reverse ‘10-5 Rule’ and walking while female
Washington Post, 7/13/12 

Walking While Female: A Story of Sexual Assault in Broad Daylight
Jezebel, 7/13/12

Blog post about sexual assault in D.C. unleashes torrent of women’s stories
Washington Post, 7/13/12

Dupont Circle sexual assault
WJLA ABC 7, 7/12/12

Woman speaks out about sexual assault near Dupont Circle
My FOX DC, 7/13/12

D.C. Metro grapples with how to talk and confront sexual harassment
TBD,  2/23/2012

Women’s Group Targets Harassment On Metro
WAMU, 2/23/2012

Riders Complain of Sexual Harassment on Metro
Fox 5 News, 2/22/2012

Sexual harassment on Metro trains, buses a problem
WJLA, 2/22/2012

Group to tell D.C. Council committee about ‘street harassment’ on Metro
The Washington Post, 2/19/2012


Holla Back DC! Calls out Street Harassment
NPR, 8/11/2011

DC’s Fight Against Street Harassment
The Washington Post, 8/11/2011

Takin’ it to the Streets: The Perfect Victim (Part I)
BitchMedia, 5/31/11



“Damn Baby”: Some Thoughts On Holla Back
The Atlantic, 06/16/2010

Street Harassment Bystander Whipped With a Belt for Intervening
The Sexist, Washington City Paper, 6/3/2010

Metro Sexual: When Transit Employees Harass
The Sexist, Washington City Paper, 6/3/2010

Miss D.C. Talks Groping; NBC 4 Is Shocked and Confused
The Sexist, Washington City Paper, 5/27/2010

Sexual Harassment by Men in Uniform
The Sexist, Washington City Paper, 5/20/2010

On Chivalry and Internalized Misogyny
The Sexist, Washington City Paper, 5/18/2010

Passengers Targeted By Orange Line Public Masturbator
The Sexist, Washington City Paper, 5/14/2010

Holla Back DC and the District’s Sexual Harassment Reporting Problem
The Sexist, Washington City Paper, 3/10/2010

A Groping Victim’s Guide to D.C.
The Sexist, Washington City Paper, 1/12/2010



DC’s Most Harassing Neighborhoods
The Sexist, Washington City Paper, 9/24/09

When Hollered at, Holla Back!
Huffington Post, 8/5/2009

Photograph Street Harassment For Fun and Awareness
The Sexist, Washington City Paper, 7/27/2009

Hollaback: How to Confront Catcallers
Mother Jones, 7/27/2009

Why Female Bikers get Harassed
The Sexist, Washington City Paper,7/8/2009

Can Expensive Advertising Beat Domestic Violence
The Sexist, Washington City Paper, 7/6/2009