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Free Ride Service for Women, LGBT People Is Expanding in Ward 6
Hill Now, 3/10/15

Metro has come a long way regarding sexual harassment in its system
The Washington Post, 3/6/14

Is It Time To Switch To Lyft?
Refinery29, 2/27/15

Metro Launches Anti-Sexual Harassment Campaign Ads
The Patch, 2/24/15


How To Get Home On New Year’s Eve
DCist, 12/31/14

How to Avoid Uber’s Surge Pricing on New Year’s
Washingtonian, 12/31/14

Videos of Metro riders posted on porn site
Fox 5, 12/30/14

Videos Posted To Porn Site Show Unsuspecting Women On Metro
DCist, 12/30/14

When Is Street Harassment a Big Deal?
Huffington Post, 12/29/14

Got Plans: Advice from the Going Out Guide
The Washington Post, 12/18/14

No Red Tape initiative will bring bystander intervention training to local bars
Columbia Spectator, 11/17/14

RightRides DC offers trips home that are free — and free of harassment
The Washington Post, 11/14/14

Should We Criminalize Catcalling?
Neon Tommy (Annenberg Digital News), 11/12/14

What is street harassment? Do men and women see this issue differently?
WHUR 96.3 FM, 11/7/14

Gear Prudence: What Should I Do When People Hit on Me While I Ride My Bike?
Washington City Paper, 11/5/14

RightRides Offering Free, Safe Rides on Halloween Night
CBS Local, 10/31/14

When Street Harassment Continues Online
The New York Times, 10/30/14

Free Rides on Halloween – SoberRide and RightRides (for women & LGBT people)
Prince of Petworth, 10/30/14

Q&A: Help stop street harassment with Collective Action for Safe Spaces, New Columbia Heights, 10/27/14

D.C. Police Seek Taxi Driver in Sexual Assault (audio)
CBS DC/WNEW 99.1, 10/13/14

Group Will Launch Free Ride Service For Women, LGBT Individuals On Halloween
DCist, 10/2/14

How Sketchy Is That D.C. Street? There’s An App For That
WAMU 88.5/NPR, 8/8/14

Take Back the Streets, Ladies — Two Wheels At a Time
Grist, 7/10/14

Building Supportive Communities: How We Can Make Every Space Safe for Survivors
EverydayFeminism, 5/1/14

D.C. Metro Combats Sexual Harassment, Urges Riders To Speak Up
NPR, 5/1/14

Washington Times Columnist Likens Toll Lane Proposal To Rape
DCist, 4/25/14

DC Bill Targets Police Mishandling of Sexual Assault Victims
Al Jazeera, 4/8/14

Step Up in the Club: A new movement tries to enlist bartenders and bouncers to protect women from sexual aggression
Slate, 4/2/14

Seeking Solutions For Sexual Aggression Against Women In Bars
NPR, 3/7/14

If He’s Sexually Aggressive In Bars, It’s Not Because He’s Drunk
NPR, 3/3/14

DC Assault Bill Spurs Activism
The Hoya, 3/3/14

10 Things That Street #HarassmentIs, In Case You Really Don’t Think It’s Important
The Huffington Post, 3/3/14

In Washington, Options Open Up for Commuting on Two Wheels
Washington Post, 2/18/14

Hank’s Oyster Bar takes down “Couples Who Fight” menu after Collective Action For Safe Spaces, others on Twitter point out how awful it is
DCist, 2/14/14

23 Awesome Feminist Digital Campaigns That Changed the World
PolicyMic, 1/7/14


D.C. Council Bill Would Offer More Support To Rape Victims
WAMU 88.5/NPR, 12/13/13

D.C. Council Considers Stronger Support for Sex Assault Victims
NBC Washington, 12/12/13

Hearing on Sex Assault Victim Help
CSN Washington, 12/12/13

DC bill targets police mishandling of sexual assault victims
Al Jazeera, 12/12/13

Council Will Hold Hearing On Sexual Assault Victims’ Rights Bill
DCist, 12/11/13

Giving Tuesday: Ways to Help Those in the D.C. Area
NBC Washington, 12/2/13

How should bicyclists deal with harassers?
The Times Herald, 12/2/13

How should bicyclists handle harassment? D.C. area groups teach empowerment tactics
The Washington Post, 11/29/13

Fighting for safer streets for women bike commuters
ElevationDC, 11/26/13

Over 250 DC Women Expected to Participate in Grassroots Anti-Harassment Bike Event
Fem2pt0, 10/18/13

Women & Bicycles Tip: Share Your Street Harassment Stories
WABA, 20/17/13

DC Metro takes sexual harassment seriously with far-reaching new campaign
Feministing, 10/16/13

Standing up to street harassment
WBEZ Chicago, 10/4/13

How I Became An Anti-Street Harassment Activist
Fem2pt0, 9/24/13

Tapestry: Renee Davidson of CASS Tells About the Anti-Street Harassment Movement
2020ProductionsDC, 8/12/13

Fighting Back Against Street Harassment
DC Volunteer Lawyers Project, 8/5/13

Greatest, 7/5/13

Survey: 17 Percent of Respondents ‘Hardly Ever’ Feel Safe Using Public Transportation Alone
DCist, 6/11/13

Free Car Service For DC Area Women Late At Night
WUSA9, 6/11/13

Push to Bring to DC A Safer Alternative to Cabs
WUSA9, 6/11/13

D.C. taxis struggle with passenger, driver safety
WTOP, 6/11/13

D.C. taxi regulators lack safety statistics
The Examiner, 6/5/13

Taxi drivers, passengers agree more safety measures are needed
Washington Times, 6/5/13

D.C. Council addresses taxicab safety
WJLA ABC 7, 6/5/13

Adams Morgan Ad Slammed for Sexual Implications
Washington City Paper, 5/28/13

Adams Morgan ‘Al Fresco, Al Frisky’ Ad Called ‘Troubling’ By Group
DCist, 5/28/13

Women’s rights activists to fight against explicit content on Facebook
Tech2, 5/25/13

This Week in Misogyny: F*&# the Patriarchy
Persephone Magazine, 5/3/13

“I Was Forced to Take A Cab After Being Street Harassed & Followed in Chinatown.”
Fem2pt0, 5/1/13

Today’s Lady News: BareMinerals Has Men Carry Creepy “You Look Beautiful Sweaty” Signs At Marathon
The Frisky, 5/1/13

BareMinerals: Ditch & Apologize for the Sexist Campaign Signs, 5/1/13

Moving Beyond Awareness, The Conversation On Street Harrassment Continues
CampusProgress, 4/22/13

Lessons from the Commission on the Status of Women: Collective Action for Safe Spaces (DC)
PreventConnect, 4/17/13 

Fighting Street Harassment With Smartphones
Slate, 4/9/13

Buses and Metros Carry Messages Against Harassment
Women’s Media Center, 4/13/13

In Our Voices – with Nkenge Toure & Kenny Barnes
WPFW is 89.3 FM, 4/4/13

Metro anti-harassment campaign exposes predators
WTOP, 4/4/13

How It Feels To Be Free…
Voices of the 99 Percent, 4/1/13

Weekend Warrior: How is March Over Already? Edition
Boderstan, 3/28/13

WMATA taking steps to curb sexual harassment
Greater Greater Washington, 3/6/13

Metro sexual harassment: Only one arrest out of 99 complaints
WJLA ABC 7, 2/13/13

Artist Takes Aim at Street Harassment
NBC Washington, 2/12/13

Metro receives 99 harassment complaints in 2012
Washington Examiner, 2/12/13

Woman Raped by Uber Cabdriver: From New Delhi to DC, We Need Solutions to End #VAW
Fem2pt0, 1/25/13


How to stop sexual harassment on public transportation
The Guardian, 10/9/12

Woman’s Essay on Sexual Assault Sheds More Light On Similar Experiences
DCist, 7/15/13 

DC Blogs Noted

The Needle: Dupont Circle Attack
The Washington City Paper, 7/13/12

On the reverse ‘10-5 Rule’ and walking while female
Washington Post, 7/13/12 

Walking While Female: A Story of Sexual Assault in Broad Daylight
Jezebel, 7/13/12

Blog post about sexual assault in D.C. unleashes torrent of women’s stories
Washington Post, 7/13/12

Dupont Circle sexual assault
WJLA ABC 7, 7/12/12

Woman speaks out about sexual assault near Dupont Circle
My FOX DC, 7/13/12

D.C. Metro grapples with how to talk and confront sexual harassment
TBD,  2/23/2012

Women’s Group Targets Harassment On Metro
WAMU, 2/23/2012

Riders Complain of Sexual Harassment on Metro
Fox 5 News, 2/22/2012

Sexual harassment on Metro trains, buses a problem
WJLA, 2/22/2012

Group to tell D.C. Council committee about ‘street harassment’ on Metro
The Washington Post, 2/19/2012

DC Blogs Noted
DCBlogs, 2/16/2012


Holla Back DC! Calls out Street Harassment
NPR, 8/11/2011

DC’s Fight Against Street Harassment
The Washington Post, 8/11/2011

Takin’ it to the Streets: The Perfect Victim (Part I)
BitchMedia, 5/31/11


“Damn Baby”:Some Thoughts On Holla Back
The Atlantic, 06/16/2010

Is Videogame “Hey Baby” A Positive Response to Street Harassment?
Ms. Blog Magazine, 06/10/09

How to Deal With Cat-Callers, Leerers, and Other Street Harassers, 6/9/2010

DC Blogs Notes
DC Blogs, 6/4/2010

Street Harassment Bystander Whipped With a Belt for Intervening
The Sexist, 6/3/2010

Metro Sexual: When Transit Employees Harass
The Sexist, 6/3/2010

Go Home Already
DCist, 6/1/2010

Miss D.C. Talks Groping; NBC 4 Is Shocked and Confused
The Sexist, 5/27/2010

Sexual Harassment by Men in Uniform
The Sexist, 5/20/2010

On Chivalry and Internalized Misogyny
The Sexist, 5/18/2010

Passengers Targeted By Orange Line Public Masturbator
The Sexist, 5/14/2010

Holla Back DC and the District’s Sexual Harassment Reporting Problem
The Sexist, 3/10/2010

A Groping Victim’s Guide to D.C.
The Sexist, 1/12/2010


DC Blogs Noted
DC Blogs, 12/17/2009

Shannon and Chai on Holla Back DC
People’s District, 12/16/2009

Shannon and Chai on Holla Back DC
Prince of Petworth, 12/15/2009

Wonkabout: The D.C. Guide

In DC: Do you have a number or something?
Urban Bohemian, 11/25/2009

Wonkabout: The D.C. Guide

In DC; Ain’t no holla back girl
Urban Bohemian, 11/16/2009

Wonkabout: The D.C. Guide

Wonkabout: The D.C. Guide

Wonkabout: The D.C. Guide

Help bring Right Rides to DC, Stop Street Harassment

Wonkabout: The D.C. Guide

Wonkabout: The D.C. Guide

Streetsblog San Francisco

DC’s most Harassing Neighborhoods
The Sexist, Washington City Paper, 9/24/09

Wonkabout: The D.C. Guide

Women In and Beyond The Global

Wonkabout: The D.C. Guide

Go Home Already: Fight Club
DCist, 8/31/2009

Wonkabout: The D.C. Guide

Wonkabout: The D.C. Guide

Breakfast links: Economic solutions, bureaucratic problems
The Greater Greater Washington, 8/21/2009

Wonkabout: The DC Guide

Holla Back DC
Go Big or Go Home, 8/13/2009

DC Blogs Noted

Holla Back
Kelly & Becca: 2 Soul Sisters on a Mission, 8/11 /2009

Wonkabout: The DC Guide

Feminist Friday: Grievance Misogyny, Nice Guy Syndrome, and Street Harassment in DC
Straßgefühl, 8/7/2009

When Hollered at, Holla Back!
Huffington Post, 8/5/2009

Wonkabout: The DC Guide

C.I.C.L.E: Women, bikes, and harassment

Photograph Street Harassment For Fun and Awareness
The Sexist, Washington City Paper 7/27/2009

Mother Jones: Hollaback: How to Confront Catcallers

Wonkabout: The D.C. Guide

TheWashCycle: Women, bikes and harassment

Jump off the Bridge: No, I Don’t Need a Ride, Fuck You Very Much

Wonkabout: The D.C. Guide

Wonkabout: The D.C. Guide

Why Female Bikers get Harassed
The Sexist, Washington City Paper,7/8/2009

Can Expensive Advertising Beat Domestic Violence
The Sexist, Washington City Paper, 7/6/2009

The Anti DC: Kick it

Wonkabout: The D.C. Guide

D.C. Guy Into Kinky Jesus Hair
The Sexist, Washington City Paper 6/15/2009

Wonkabout: The D.C. Guide

Wonkabout: The D.C. Guide

Our Morning Roundup: Found at the Crime Scene
Washington City Paper 6/4/2009

Noticed from Northwest: PSA: Street Harassment, in any form is not okay

Obligation to Report Street Harassment
Feministing, 5/28/2009

Show 4
Fully Engaged Feminism, 5/26/2009

Blog of the Week: Holla Back DC
The New Gay, 4/22/09

5 thoughts on “In the News

  1. Pingback: in dc: ain’t no holla back girl | urban bohemian

  2. In my opinion, groups like yours teach girls they are delicate flowers who can be harassed or violated by words. Groups like this are completely anti-feminist, not to mention creating an atmosphere where people are cautious to smile or chat with a stranger. I am a beautiful, educated Mommy who will either accept a strangers comment by thanking them for their adoration or educating the gent that they’ve offended me by a witty remark. That’s all it takes. Please do not teach my daughter or husband that cat-calls could harm them in any way. We have come too far as women to give that power to a mindless action like “Hey Baby”.

    • I don’t know you or your history, so I can’t make assumptions about why verbal harassment is easy for you to brush aside. On a similar note, Anne, you should stop making self-righteous assumptions about the violent force that words may have on other people. There is a BIG difference between smiling or chatting with a stranger, and speaking to them disrespectfully based on sensitive, sexual power dynamics. The former has the potential to be polite and sociable; the other creates an environment where a person may be left feeling objectified, disrespected, hurt, or violated.

      Personally, what I consider anti-feminist is your decision to categorically condemn a forum in which individuals can share their experiences, receive feedback and support, and resist the logic of patriarchal dominance that is expressed via sex-based verbal harassment. Not all of these incidents are equally frightening or violating… but what appears “mindless” to you may have very different (and no less real) mental consequences for another woman.

      Making a “witty remark” is one useful response to a sex-based comment. But if you actually read more than a few of these stories, you’ll see that such a reaction is not always possible, appropriate, or empowering. Many times, the response you suggested will not “educate a gent” at all — what it does instead is reinforce the prevailing wisdom of our sexist society. It essentially lets men off the hook for behavior that is tolerated because women’s value is tied to their being sexually valued by men. Not all women want to be reminded of this, and when they are, it makes them uncomfortable, frightened, angry, violated, and nervous. It hardly needs to be argued that the practical effect of patriarchy, of verbal violence against women, is very often physical violence.

      But this is just one of MANY reasons why Hollaback is an important feminist group. Rather than teach women that they are delicate flowers, Hollaback simply acknowledges the existing frustration of folks who experience harassment; supports them in responding when it is safe to do so; and offers community for those whose hurt and fear are dismissed by people like you.

      This group does not discourage or condemn strangers interacting respectfully or even flirtatiously. It doesn’t give undue power to the mindless “hey baby”. In fact, HB wants to show harassers just how mindless their actions are — if harassers were MINDFUL of the disrespect they force upon women, maybe they would stop.

      You can’t ignore the impact of non-physical interaction out of existence.

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