This must be a horrible neighborhood, but only if you’re black.

Location: Glover Park
Time: Daytime (9:30am-3:30pm) Evening Rush Hour (3:30pm-7:30pm)

I just moved to Glover Park from NE. A short time after moving in my next door neighbor confronted a guest of mine as she left, and later asked me if I sold weed to my guests. She admitted several neighbors were curious, and had been asking questions including why my curtains were closed all day. To that I answered it was creepy they’d check, but that, in fact, my curtains were open until the sun went down, and that you can’t see into my house because of the way the sun shines on it – that is precisely why I keep them open until sun down, sometimes well beyond sun down.

In any case, a few days later 3 different guests told me they had had their license plates pictured by one of my neighbors.

Tonight I had a long time friend, and artist stop by my house to drop off some art work. She just moved from a huge house into a small apartment, and had them in storage. I offered my wall space, and even to sell her art as I hold art exhibition events. When she arrived, as we unloaded the paintings – the neighbor came out and took a picture of her license plate. My friend was livid, and went to knock on her door. She denied having taken the picture, and locked her screen door as if we were going to bust in.

Here’s the deal – I know I’m black. I know they don’t want me here. This is not their choice, and I want them to stop!

My neighbor to the other side puts her trash in my trash bin. Another neighbor told a friend he couldn’t park in front of his house.

This must be a horrible neighborhood, but only if you’re black.

Submitted 2/7/18 by “MC”

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