24 New Members of the Collective Action Circle!

You’re awesome!

Thanks to many of you and your generous support over the last two weeks, we have 24 new members in our Collective Action Circle and we’re bringing in an additional $6,120 each year!

This outpouring of support will help us expand our staff and move into a new office space, so we can invest greater resources in awesome programs like the Safe Bar Collective and continue to build a strong, supportive community.

“I’m constantly inspired by the passion, skills, and commitment from the CASS community — and how it has continued to grow and evolve to tackle some of the biggest issues facing women and LGBTQIA+ people of color. Keeping the organization sustainable is critical to keeping our DC community safe and I’m proud to be a member of the Collective Action Circle” – Claire S. Gould

None of the work we do could happen without YOU. If you missed the campaign last week, you can still participate as a monthly donor here.

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