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Our team here at CASS gets a lot done: we’ve posted ads across DC’s public transit system to address sexual harassment, and we’ve built partnerships with nearly 40 local bars and restaurants working to prevent sexual and hate-based violence.

None of this would be possible without the help of our more than 30 volunteers…buuut this team is still only staffed by one full-time paid queer woman of color and one part-time trans woman of color.

In an era when protecting each other takes on new urgency, we need your help to ensure CASS’s work survives — and thrives.

We need to staff up to sustain this work; that’s where you come in! You can help sustain our work — and become a proud member of our Collective Action Circle — with a monthly gift of $15!

Your monthly gift will help us budget for a new staff position in October, so we can invest greater resources in awesome programs like the Safe Bar Collective. Boosted staff capacity will also help us apply for more grants, so we don’t have to keep coming back to generous donors like you every time.

Need more reasons to give? Check out why these recent additions to our Collective Action Circle decided to join:

“I decided to support CASS financially because I am incredibly excited by the groundbreaking work they are doing here in DC. From the Safe Bar Collective, to the Street Harassment Prevention Act, to Rethink Masculinity, to the best happy hour fundraisers around, CASS is working tirelessly to build a community of safety that actively resists sexism, racism, transphobia, and so much more . Resistance is a bit of a buzzword right now, but I chose to support CASS because they embody what resistance looks like and they also show me what is possible for us to accomplish together. I also feel like it’s important for me, as a man, to put my resources behind a community like CASS. I’ve benefited immensely from the countless hours of unpaid emotional support I have received in my lifetime and this is one of many ways I can honor my mom, my sister, my friends, and my co-workers.”  — Daniel D.

“Everyone deserves to exist safely in public spaces and to be respected in those spaces. But not everyone can, because of persistent imbalances in power that enable harassment and violence. As a donor, few groups besides CASS are addressing these imbalances in such a holistic way, and in the every day places where they play out: in parks, restaurants, public transit. This work is crucial, and it doesn’t have an end date—it’s lifelong. CASS needs to be able to plan, budget and build capacity for that. Sustaining donors make that possible.” Melissa Y.

P.S. Plus, if you become a monthly donor of $15 or more by September 22nd and we’ll thank you with a small gift!

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