Sustain the Resistance!

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CASS has made a big impact over the past five years. We’ve been working to create a DC where the seemingly impossible is possible: where bartenders readily intervene to stop harassers, where men teach each other the importance of emotional labor, where communities create safety for each other.

But did you know that we’re operating with only 1.5 staff members?! We’ve been grateful to have the amazing support of the DC community, which has tripled our budget in the past two years, and now we’re able to invest in another full-time staff position.

We’re kicking off our September campaign, and we need your DOLLARS. Your $15 a month ensures that we have the budget to keep up our radical organizing for safe spaces. That includes advocacy to pass legislation supporting those with intersecting identities, organizing to #FreeGiGi from state violence, and building safety in nightlife with training for bar staff and supportive employment for trans bartenders.

If you join our Collective Action Circle of loyal supporters by September 22nd, we’ll give you a small token of our appreciation! For:

$15/month: You’ll receive a sticker and 5 cards against harassment.
$30/month: You’ll receive the above, and you’ll be able to nominate one bar for a free Safe Bar Collective training.
$50/month: You’ll receive all of the above and receive free admission to our annual gala.
$75/month: You’ll receive all of the above and we’ll provide you and your organization with a free bystander intervention training.

Questions? Contact our Development Director Michela Masson at