Getting harassed inside your own apartment? #NopeDC


















Location: 12th Street NW between Mass and M
Time: Daytime (9:30am-3:30pm)

I was in my apartment and taking something out of the oven. A fire truck was outside my apartment building since the fire alarm had been going off for an hour or so. Two firemen had been in the ladder which had been extended to the roof. As I was taking the food out of the oven, I heard, “Show me more, show me more!!” I looked over and a white fireman in the ladder was at my apartment windows level. He had a smirk and was giving me the thumbs up sign. My top was hanging a bit loose over my chest as I was reaching down to the oven and I realized he could see.

When I tried to pull the blinds down he yelled, “No pull it up show me more show me more.” When I finally was able to lower the blinds, he said don’t worry I’ll get a view from below.”

I asked to speak to the captain, who was patronizing and said I’ve known this guy for 30 years, he would never do that. He tried to say he was seeing if there was smoke — they firemen had already been to apartments to check if there was smoke. If he was really concerned, he could have asked, is there a fire in your apartment, is there smoke?

Submitted 5/20/17 by “PN”

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