The Scariest Night of the Year

Happy Halloween, everyone! But before you enjoy a fun weekend with friends, please ask yourself if your “costume” is appropriating a culture that is not yours.

After all, the scariest part of Halloween night should not be this (also, we love this video!):

Still need some help on what is appropriate? Here are three simple rules:

1. Don’t wear blackface.
Just don’t do it. Never. Wear. Blackface.

2. Cultures are not costumes.
So, please don’t wear a Native American headdress. Or go to a party as “sexy” Native American, or Geisha, or Roma. Just don’t.

3. If you feel a bit uneasy about your costume, consider wearing something else.
There are PLENTY of costumes you can make or buy that don’t appropriate other cultures!

Halloween should be fun. Don’t make it an uncomfortable night for someone.