You’ve Blown Us Away.

Our September sustainer campaign comes to a close today, and I am so thrilled to announce that your giving this month has helped us exceed our fundraising goals! We have 25 new amazing partners in the Collective Action Circle, sustaining our work with monthly gifts and allowing us to grow.

Today also marks the end of CASS’s fiscal year, and I’m thrilled to report our progress. Here’s what we’ve accomplished this year:

  • We organized a historic roundtable that brought 40 diverse community members to speak out against street harassment.
  • We organized 3 rallies — partnering with community groups throughout the District and beyond to reclaim safe spaces from men’s rights activists, street harassment, and Islamophobia.
  • We facilitated 14 workshops, training 198 community members to speak out against harassment.
  • We partnered with Defend Yourself to certify 17 Safe Bars, training bar staff to recognize and respond to aggression before it escalates. We’ve also started building Safe Bars programs in Philadelphia and Colorado!
  • We showed up in news outlets such as The Washington Post and DCist — for our advocacy against sexual harassment, assault, and discrimination.

And that’s not all! We’ve also laid the groundwork for some exciting things to come in the new fiscal year:

  • We’re partnering with DC Rape Crisis Center, ReThink, and man-identifying community members to build an intensive program that will support and promote healthy masculinities.
  • Safe Bars will be working with DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence to spread safety messages in businesses and community centers throughout the city — starting with DC Public Library!
  • We’re launching the next phase of anti-harassment ads on public transit in partnership with Stop Street Harassment.
  • We’re working to bring anti-street harassment efforts into DC Public Schools to serve those who experience sexual harassment the most: youth!

Everything we do relies on the support, participation, and enthusiasm of people like you — the hundreds of amazing humans who have stood with us to elevate the voices of our city’s most marginalized communities.

Thank you so much for all that you do to make DC’s public spaces safer!