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CASS is, quite frankly, the little engine that could. These past few months have seen an explosion in the number of Safe Bars trained; we #HiredNona and are working with partners across the city to ensure our LGBTQ family has access to safe public spaces; we’ve continued to work with WMATA to ensure you feel safe on DC’s metro system; and our team tirelessly works with DC Council to make street harassment a priority. And we do it all with one full time staffer (our Executive Director, Jessica Raven…maybe you’ve heard of her??), our fellow Nona, and a staff of volunteers.

But we can’t talk about our achievements without mentioning the last group who make us so successful: YOU! Our amazing, dedicated supporters and donors, who continue to show up to our events, tag us on social media, and give when you can.

And so, today, we are officially launching our Collective Action Circle!

The Collective Action Circle is a group of individuals passionate about CASS’s mission to promote a culture free of public and sexual harassment who provide CASS with monthly financial support.

Jessica, Nona, and our volunteer staff need resources to continue holding public workshops, training bars to be safe places, meeting with WMATA and council members to advocate for better policies that will make our city more welcoming for all.

Join our circle! You’ll be directly contributing to our small-but-mighty work, and there are even some perks:

$15/month: Join the Collective Action Circle!

$30/month: Sponsor our advocacy work with WMATA. It’s your metro, you deserve to feel safe!

$50/month: Buy supplies for an anti-harassment workshop! Plus attend one CASS anti-harassment workshop for free. Just send us an email on which workshop you’d like to attend.

$75/month: Sponsor two sexual assault prevention trainings each year. Plus you’ll get free entry to Lights, Camera, Collective Action (LCCA), our annual gala in April! (It’s basically the party of the year)

$100/month: You da the real MVP! At this level, you are supporting our anti-street harassment work in each of our programs. As a token of our appreciation, you can attend LCCA for free, have you name added to our “Supporter” page at LCCA, and get a CASS sticker.


So please, consider joining our family. Your support means to world to us and we’ll make sure you feel as appreciated as you will be! 

BONUS: if you join during our September campaign, we’ll give you a free ticket to our upcoming Safe Bars celebration.

Questions? Please reach out to me, Abby, CASS’s Director of Development at  

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