I was not expecting a middle-aged couple to verbally abuse me


Location: 17th & T Street NW (U Street)
Time: Night (7:30pm-12am)

I was walking home from a friend’s house and talking on the phone with my partner. As I was walking, I passed by a two men, who appeared to be a couple, walking their dogs together – specifically, finishing picking up their dogs’ poo on the sidewalk. I walked by them, thinking nothing of it, and a second later the invective hurtled at me: “You almost stepped in dog shit, you dumb bitch!” I turned around in shock — I was not expecting a middle-aged couple to verbally abuse me — and asked to their retreating backs, “Did you just call me a dumb bitch?” One of them turned around and said “Yeah I did, get off your fucking phone and pay attention.” The only thing I could think of to say was “That’s incredibly rude” to which I was told to “get a life.” I suppose part of the shock I felt at this harassment is that it wasn’t sexual at all, and though I suppose they could have been friends, the men appeared to be a couple doing a very routine activity. Just goes to show that street harassment takes many forms.

Submitted 8/15/16 by “Sarah H.”

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If you experience or have experienced sexual harassment on the DC Metro system: Whether the event is happening at the moment or occurred months ago, we strongly encourage you to report to Metro Transit Police (MTP): www.wmata.com/harassment or 202-962-2121. Reporting helps identify suspects as well as commons trends in harassment. You can program MTP’s number into your phone so you can easily reach them when needed.

If you need assistance in coping with public sexual harassment or assault, please contact the DC Rape Crisis Center (DCRCC) 24/7 crisis hotline at 202-333-RAPE (202-333-7279).