Help Us Hire This Black Trans Survivor



This is Nona.

As a black transwoman who has engaged in sex work to survive, Nona has too many gaps in her resume and faces too much discrimination to find stable work and proper housing. She’s part of a community that’s more likely to experience homelessness and more likely to face sexual and gender-based harassment that frequently escalates to violence on the street.

Just three years ago, Nona was stabbed 48 times after she rejected a man’s advances.

We want to hire Nona at CASS, where we’re working to better serve DC’s trans community. We want her to bring her breadth of knowledge and lived experiences to tailor workshops and design a program to address harassment against transwomen of color.

We need to raise $6,000 to bring Nona on staff. Pledge to support our #DoMore24 campaign on June 2nd to help us create a job for Nona and better expand our work in DC’s trans community.

Nine transwomen have been murdered in the U.S. this year alone. With Nona’s help, CASS can make DC safer for the most vulnerable folks in our community.