Making DC Bars Safer

Have you ever been sexually harassed in a bar? Chances are that you have, especially if you’re a woman.

In 2015 alone, we heard from 54 of you who were sexually harassed in DC bars and nightclubs. We know this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Because of your generous donations, today we and Defend Yourself fully launched the Safe Bars program, a training for bar staff to recognize and respond to unwanted sexual aggression.

We’ve been working on the details for months: holding a focus group to learn about bar staff’s experiences with sexual harassment, brainstorming ways to incentivize the program for bars, developing decals to display in the windows of certified Safe Bars, and more.

Safe Bars will offer free training to bar staff on recognizing and interrupting unwanted sexual aggression until June 5

Safe Bars is a win-win for patrons and bar owners. Bar-goers can enjoy their evening knowing the staff have been trained to notice and interrupt unwanted sexual aggression, and that bar staff have their back when they need it. Bar owners can build customer satisfaction and loyalty, because a safe environment allows patrons to enjoy themselves — and want to come back.
The Safe Bars program also includes the Happy Hour Pledge, asking happy hour organizers to host their events in bars that have completed the training to become certified Safe Bars.

Safe Bars website launches today at