Releasing Our 2015 Annual Report and New Exciting Changes!


We are so pleased to release our 2015 annual report—with an awesome preview of some of the work we’ve done this year! (Click below to view the full report.)

Since I first wrote my letter to the community in this annual report, a lot has happened. We released a strategic plan that people actually read (and tweeted about!), we’ve reclaimed safe spaces by holding rallies against sexual assault and against Islamophobia, we’ve hosted workshops and Twitter chats where we talk about race, and we’ve been in the news more in the first three months of this year than in ALL of 2015. (Hey thanks, DCist!)

We’re dedicated to making our work even more intersectional than ever before, and we’ve formally approved plans to make it happen. Most recently, our Board has approved a proposal to work with Parallax, a new trans-led consulting group, to hire a program fellow to develop a needs assessment focusing on the ways that harassment affects DC’s trans community, and particularly transwomen of color. Our new team member will then use the assessment to design a program to meet the need. We know that the best person to study the needs of DC’s transwomen of color is going to be someone who is part of that population. Through this plan, we hope to create a job opportunity for someone who faces frequent discrimination and may be pushed out of the traditional workforce, while serving the needs of a community that’s most frequently and severely targeted by public sexual harassment and assault.

All of these plans have also led to one more exciting decision at CASS!

In the letter I shared in our annual report, I wrote that the “Interim” tacked onto my title was a reminder that we weren’t done yet. Our staffing structure is a work in progress — we have one paid, full-time position and a team of volunteer staffers. We believe deeply in shared leadership, and we practice it as best we can: The decisions made at CASS are made collectively. Still, we recognize the value of having two director-level staffers who can work full-time on these issues, collaborating to make public spaces safe for everyone.

We are committed to working toward this goal, and that commitment won’t change as I drop the “Interim” from my title and step up as CASS’s official Executive Director.

I am grateful to have the support of an amazing volunteer team and an incredible community. Thank you for standing with us as we move onwards and upwards!