Happy Holidays from CASS! And Our Gift Guide

Happy holidays from CASS! Our staff is thrilled to be wrapping up the year on a high note after our #GivingTuesday fundraiser raked in over $10,000 for our awesome Safe Bars program, and the DC City Council roundtable on street harassment was so successful! As we wrap up an exciting year, we thought it would be fun to share our staff’s highly unofficial gift guide for the anti-street harassment activists in your life!*




Jessica, Interim ED: “Um, when I saw these Golden Girls granny panties, all I could think was.. who wouldn’t want a pair?”






Don't Tell Me to Smile


Jayni, CASS Policy Team: “An oldie but goodie is of course this in sweatshirt or tshirt form.”











RBG TshirtKrystal, CASS Workshop Facilitator: “For the Activist who believes in Shine Theory and also enjoys 90’s hip-hop–the Notorious R.B.G. T-shirt.”













Claire, CASS Website Manager: “For the overscheduled activist who also wants to feel inspired (or take out some tension)? I think the Passion Planner or this very inappropriately sweary adult coloring book are great gift ideas!”









Notorious RBG

Cecilia, CASS Workshops Team: “I’m late to the party, but definitely want to read this, and maybe also get a T-shirt…and a crown… Also, a lot of self-care love, partner love, family love, community love to think about here. I have read this and [ahem] I love it.”










Rudhdi, Social Media Manager: “What better way to warm up after giving gross street harassers an icy cold stare than with this furocious-looking blanket? #CatsAgainstCatcalls”







So there’s our list (apparently we’re all about the Notorious RBG)! Just to be clear though — you are the greatest gift of all. Thank you for your support of our work, whether in your volunteer time, your stories, or donating during our fundraisers. We can’t do this without you!

*That is, presuming you did not already pick up a Cats Against Catcall-ender that is! (*Wink!*).


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