It “Makes Me Absolutely Hate Living in DC”: Catcalling Group in Petworth

Location: Georgia Avenue/Petworth, Washington, DC
Time:  Night (7:30pm-12am)

There is a group of men who constantly hang out on the block of 9th St and Upshur Street NW, near the post office. Nearly every single time I walk near that block or one block over on Georgia Avenue, I am catcalled. I live on 9th street, and that area is nearly impossible to avoid, as it is on the way to the Metro.

This seriously has happened to me nearly EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. since I moved to Petworth a year ago. It is the worst in the summer, and in the middle of the day, when not as many people are about, but it happens all the time, morning, midday, rush hour, etc.

I have confronted many of the men about their behavior and asked them not to talk to women on the street like that, which they just seem to either 1) find amusing or 2) get defensive about the “compliment” they’ve given me or 3) call me a bitch.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with, giving me extremely aggressive feelings, and makes me ABSOLUTELY HATE living in DC.

Submitted 8/25/15 by “CL”

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