Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Ticket for #‎LCCA2015‬!

Our 6th anniversary party, “Lights, Camera, Collective Action,” (#LCCA15) is Thursday, April 16, and we’re pumped to celebrate with you! We’re pulling out all the stops: beers from DC Brau Brewing Company, pies from Dangerously Delicous, delish dips from Cava Mezze Grill, slam poetry, stand-up comedy, a photobooth, art sale, DJ and more! All that for a great cause of supporting our work to create a safer DC 

If that’s not enough, here are 10 reasons why you should get your ticket for #‎LCCA2015‬!

(Photos courtesy of our 2013 and 2014 LCCAs!)

  1. “Because all of your favorite humans will be under the same roof supporting a great cause.” – Julia Strange
  2. “OMG PIES! Eating pie sounds like the most delicious way to fight street harassment.” – Set Oya
  3. “Two words: Photo Booth. My friends and I had so much fun rocking the photo booth that we actually went back twice just to change up the costumes of what we were wearing. Definitely looking forward to ‘winning’ the photo booth again this year with some of those crazy props.” – Katie Breslin
  4. “Because there’s nothing more empowering than a room full of people sharing their personal stories about street harassment.” – Claire S. Gould
  5. “Because FREE MASSAGES!” – Renee Davidson
  6. “I loved seeing all of my favorite activists together in one room!” – Helen
  7. “Because the people attending the annual CASS party always leave me in high spirits, both with their sheer numbers and with their positive attitudes.” – Eric Myers
  8. “Because I always meet new and interesting people who also care about making DC a safer, more inclusive place for everyone.” – Star Silva
  9. “Because the DJ’s name is Crochet Kingpin?” – Ben Merrion
  10. “Because in a city full of swanky happy hours and stuffy events, LCCA is easily one of the most fun – and fundamentally life changing – social justice parties you can attend. Don’t miss it!” – Dave Chandrasekaran

 Pumped? Get your #LCCA2105 tix now!

See you April 16!