Help Us Make DC Bars Safer! Take Our Short Survey

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Sexual harassment and assault in bars and clubs can turn a good night out sour in seconds — or create a hostile work environment for the bar’s employees. Moreover, research shows that alcohol is used as a weapon and a camouflage by people who perpetrate sexual assault. It’s no surprise that CASS regularly receives submissions from the DC community on unwanted sexual attention, including harassment and groping, that takes place in local bars and clubs. Sometimes, these incidents can end in physical assault.

The good news is that our city’s nightlife is full of amazing allies who work hard to create environments where harassment and assault is not tolerated. We at CASS want everyone in the city to get on the same page, which is why we established our Safe Bars program in 2013. Now, we’re working on a new advocacy project to start a culture shift in DC nightlife to make every alcohol-serving establishment safe and welcoming for everyone.

And we need your stories to get started.

Please take 5 minutes to fill out the survey below and share your stories of being harassed or assaulted in DC bars or clubs. Be sure to enter your email address if you’d like to hear more about our advocacy project. 

Thank you, as always, for sharing your words and experiences!