Introducing Our 2014 Annual Report: “What CASS Taught Me”

In case you didn’t hear the news, we raised $23,096 in one month thanks to the generosity of people like you. To say we’re blown away is an understatement! We’re putting every single one of those dollars to work to make DC free of public sexual harassment and assault.

We could talk at length about how grateful we are to have folks like you as supporters, but we decided it would be better to show you. We talked to the people who benefited from our 2014 programming and collected their accounts. Here’s our first ever annual report: “What CASS Taught Me.”

“There are thousands of people in our city who are taking control of their own safety by supporting each other,” says CASS supporter Stefanie. “I feel more powerful on the streets than I ever have, knowing that I’m one of them.”

We’re so lucky to have people like you in our corner. Read our annual report below, and look out for even more impactful work to end street harassment in 2015.

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