RightRides DC Kicks Off with a Bang!

Thanks to you, RightRides DC is a smash hit! As you know, RightRides DC celebrated its soft launch on Halloween. Through a partnership with Zipcar, our three volunteer driving teams provided 20 women and LGBT people with free, safe rides home from 12am-3am on Halloween night. Let that sink in for a second…

Twenty people got free, safe rides home on Friday thanks to RightRides DC!  

Our only problem? We couldn’t meet all of the incredible demand we got for rides that night! Calls were off the charts. Following the soft launch, our goal is to expand our capacity to better suit your needs. With volunteers, riders, and donors like you in our corner, things can only get more awesome.

So What’s Next?

As we continue to roll out RightRides DC, we plan to expand the service area and run the service more frequently, with the goal of operating every Saturday by next year. During our first year, RightRides DC service dates will happen once per season.

How Can I Help?

Take our survey to weigh in on when you want to see RightRidesDC again! And make sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch. We also welcome donations at any time. Your support will help us sustain and expand the service!

Thank you to the volunteers and donors who have made RightRides DC possible! We couldn’t do this work without your donations of time, energy and funds. RightRides DC is making a difference, one safe ride home at a time.

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