“I Was Groped on the Metro, And I Shouldn’t Have To Feel Guilty About It!”

Location: Red line metro headed towards Shady Grove
Time: Evening Rush Hour (3:30pm-7:30pm)

It was a very busy evening on the red line because of metro problems. After a couple of very crowded passed, I was able to board a train headed to Shady Grove. The train was still very crowded and a man, whom I had seen reading a book beforehand, was standing very close behind me. After the metro began moving to the next station, I felt something brush against my butt. I shook it off as an accident, “The train is really crowded, so maybe it was his book.” It happened again and I, again, shook it off as an accident. When it happened the third time, I figued that even if they were accidents, he needs to be aware that I can feel whatever it is that is brushing against me.

I turned around, gave him the look of death, and the action stopped. After I gave him that look, a strange feeling came over me. I felt GUILTY. “What if they were really accidents? It is a crowded train. Maybe he didn’t realize what he was doing.” I’m still so surprised at that feeling.

I realize now that I did the right thing (especially since it stopped) and I’m glad that I summoned the courage not to ignore it and not blame it on a crowded train. I should not feel guilty when I felt something brush me numerous times, no matter what the situation.

Submitted 10/2/14 by “Cam.”

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