Not OK! “I Was Harassed By A Bar Employee In Adams Morgan”

Location: Bourbon in Adams Morgan (2321 18th Street NW)
Time: Late Night (12am-5am)

I was at Bourbon in Adams Morgan earlier this summer when I felt a hand grab my waist. The person was clearly walking past behind me, but it was a deliberate touch that made me uncomfortable. I swatted the hand away and left the bar, since I was ready to leave anyway. When I got to the street, my boyfriend had followed to comfort me. Next thing I knew, a man who had followed my out of the bar was trying to get my attention. While I sat on the curb getting more and more upset, he yelled at me for swatting his hand, insisting that he worked there and he just needed to get by. He told me that I was overreacting and kept asking me why I did that to him. I didn’t want a confrontation, so I just kept asking him to leave me alone, and eventually begged him to go away. After a couple of minutes of harassment and after I had begun to cry, he finally left myself and my boyfriend while informing me that I was no longer welcome inside the bar. He then took post as the bouncer and stood at the front door to make certain that I wouldn’t reenter. I left and never intend to return.

Submitted 8/20/14 by Anonymous.

It is in the interest of all bars and businesses to prevent harassment. We contacted Bourbon upon receiving this submission and are in touch with them regarding steps they can take to ensure that their bar is a safe space. We hope to report back soon.

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