Street Harassed in Silver Spring: “I Still Felt Sick Hours Later.”

street harassment in DC, collective action for safe spaces

Location: Georgia Ave and Wayne Ave (Silver Spring, MD)
Time: Evening Rush Hour (3:30pm-7:30pm)

I was walking to an appointment and passing by two men sitting on a bench. I nodded to them and made eye contact like I usually do. As I walked past, one of them said, “Hey, how you doing, sexy?” I didn’t respond as I was startled – I hardly ever get street harassed (I think because I’m so tall) so I wasn’t mentally prepared. The man continued speaking louder and louder – I don’t know exactly what he said next, but it was something about their balls and being out all day in the hot sun. I continued walking and decided not to respond. He ended by yelling down the street, “Bitch, I could make you happy!”

I was still shook up over an hour later when I came out from my appointment, but luckily they were gone. Having those things said to you – especially when you’re alone on the street and it’s two against one – is like having poison poured into you. I still felt sick hours later. And no — no one who calls me “bitch” will ever make me happy.

Submitted 8/15/14 by Anonymous.

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