Eat, Drink & Sing with CASS and District Karaoke this Monday, August 18 at Acre 121!

Is there a hole in your life where a stage should be?

Here at CASS, we’re all about letting your inner diva shine as you walk the streets or ride the metros of DC. And now, we’re giving her the stage she truly craves at Karaoke Action for Safe Spaces, this Monday, August 18, at Acre 121 in Columbia Heights.

If you’re feeling like a wallflower, no worries: Acre 121 will be donating 10% of all food and drink purchases to CASS! Eat, drink, and join the party!

If your vocal cords are in need of a workout, in the spirit of fun and raising lots of money to make great work happen in our city, we are offering you plenty of ways to satisfy your inner diva and embarrass your friends:

  • Put a song on the list for $5
  • Put a group song (with two people or more singing) on the list for $10
  • Can’t wait? Bump your song to the top of the list for $10 extra
  • Pick an embarrassing (I mean awesome!) song and get someone else to sing it for $25
  • Put “No Scrubs” (our anti-street harassment anthem) on the list for yourself or a friend for $40
  • Cold feet? Put yourself on a “no sing list” for $20
  • Get the MC to sing “Let it Go” for $100
  • Get the CASS staffer of your choice sing a Whitney Houston song for $100
  • Get the Board of Directors sing “I’m Just A Girl” for $200

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We can’t wait to see you there!