“I Ignored A Street Harasser & Was Called A Bitch & Lesbian”

Location: Florida and 7th NE (Noma/Galludet)
 Night (7:30pm-12am)

I was walking down the street with a friend having a delightful and animated conversation when an older man yells from across the street yells, “Hey you with the twists.” My friend and I ignore him, and he continues to yell “Hey” trying to get my attention.

When he realizes that I have no intention of responding he begins yell obscenities, calling me a b***h and other slurs. Finally, he yells “What are you a lesbian or something? I don’t f**k with lesbian b***hes no way.” As if me being uninterested in him means I am uninterested in men in general. As if being a lesbian is bad thing. I try not to let these interactions bother me too much, but it’s hard when they happen so frequently. He certainly put a bit of a damper on my day.

Submitted 7/15/14 by “GG.”

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