Stories Like This Are Why You Should Support CASS for #DoMore24

By Mindi, Columbia Heights resident & CASS volunteer

The following is a carefully transcribed conversation I had with a man in about his 60s while at a crosswalk, and then walking down Harvard in Columbia Heights.

Old man: “If no one ever told you you look good, I’m telling you now.”

Me: “Thanks.”

Old man: “God bless you.
… Do look good though.
… You look mighty sexy.
… Hey girl, I said you look mighty sexy.”

Me: “Come on, dude. Are you going to holler at me all the way down the street? I’m a human -”

Old man:  “I’m just trying to tell you you look sexy, DAMN! I’m sorry, though … Look, I’ll walk on the other side of the street.”

Me: “You don’t have to leave! You can just stop harassing me.”

Old man: “I’m a man! You’re a beautiful woman. What am I supposed to do?”

Me: “Uh, pretty much anything but what you’re doing right now.”

At this point, we are standing in the middle of the sidewalk, staring at each other, completely dumbfounded. After a few seconds, we both calm down.

“Look,” he says patiently. “I’m just trying to tell a beautiful woman she looks good.”
“In a nice way?”
“I SAID you lookin sexy!”
“OK,” I say. “Thanks, then. Bye.”
“All right, then. Sorry if I offended you.”
“Thanks, I really appreciate that.”
“You have a nice day, young lady …

… I’m just saying, though. I WOULD take you home and have sex with you.”

Car honks loudly and stops as three men lean out the window yelling in our general direction. Cue old man:

“EXACTLY! I already told her she looks sexy. Hey girl, see? What did I say? Hey GIRL! What did I SAY?”

Bottom line? Please donate to CASS as part of #DoMore24 on Thursday, June 19. We have work to do.

24 Hours to Help Us #DoMore!

#DoMore24 is a local giving day hosted by the United Way of the Capital Area. Last year, #DoMore Day raised $1.3 million for DC area nonprofits. Here is how YOUR donation will help end public sexual harassment and assault in DC:

$24 gives someone a free and safe ride home late at night, through Right Rides DC!
$48 covers a neighborhood with our anti-harassment wheatpastes!
$96 brings more free or low-cost anti-harassment workshops to your friends and neighbors!

So that you have it handy when Thursday, June 19 rolls around! >><<

The organization that bring in the most unique donors and the largest amount of donations before 12pm will win $5,000!

Learn more about our work, including our bystander intervention programs, our Metro anti-harassment campaign, our advocacy for DC survivors of sexual assault and more.

It takes #collectiveaction to end public gender-based violence, and we can’t do it without you. Thank you!