Building a Movement Against Street Harassment, Together!

Building a Movement Against Street Harassment, Together!

Every time we ask for your support, you blow us away, be it on Giving Tuesday, at our annual event, or when we’re trying to show DC Council that you need an important new piece of legislation.

At the end of last year, we reported that we had trained 97 community members to become anti-harassment activists. So when we added up the numbers for 2014 so far, we had to do a double-take. As of today, in the first half of 2014 we’ve doubled that number and trained 197 people to become anti-harassment activists in their community. This includes regular people who live in neighborhoods like yours, as well as bar staff around the city who now have the skills to recognize sexual aggression and intervene to stop it.

Make no mistake: this would not be possible without your support. You — yes, YOU — put almost 200 new activists on the street in half the time it took us to train half as many last year. And with our second training on women and biking approaching in two days, that number is growing — fast.

And it’s not just that — in the first six months of 2014, we gave technical assistance to 15 organizations around the country and the world, helping them start their own anti-harassment training programs. Right here in DC, thanks to your support, we are building a movement that’s gaining momentum in a big way. It’s a movement that offers community-centered solutions to a problem that affects the majority of the people in our community.

We’d like to double the number of anti-harassment activists we train again by the end of the year — that’s at least 200 more people on the street with the skills to recognize harassment and intervene — and YOU can help make that happen. One June 19, give to our Do More 24 campaign. Here’s what we can do with your donations:

$24 gives someone a free and safe ride home late at night, through Right Rides DC!
$48 covers a neighborhood with our anti-harassment wheatpastes!
$96 brings more free or low-cost workshops to your friends and neighbors!

Thanks to you, we are on our way to making DC a safe city for people of all gender expressions and identities. Let’s build on the incredible momentum we’ve started, together.

Spread the word: tweet about our campaign! Tell your communities that we’re doing more on #DoMore24!