Not OK! Street Harassed & Stalked By A Car While Biking in Columbia Heights

Street Harassed in DC
Not OK! Street Harassed & Stalked By A Car While Biking in Columbia Heights

Location: 14th & Spring St NW/North Columbia Heights
Time: Night (7:30pm-12am)

I was biking home, going down the 14th street bike lane on Sunday night around 9pm, when I noticed a car was following slowly behind me in the car’s lane. Figuring the driver was just nervous about getting too close to a biker, I slowed down and tried to let the (male) driver pass. But he slowed down even more to drive next to me. I quickened my pace, trying to get away, but the driver was easily able to follow beside me for several blocks, staring more at me than the road, making lewd tongue movements, and laughing to himself. I finally lost him at a red light when he got stuck behind a line of cars and I flouted traffic laws, going through the red light to put distance between myself and him.

Submitted 5/12/14 by Anonymous.

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