Dear Community: You Are Collective Action All-Stars!

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Dear Community: You Are Collective Action All-Stars!

You helped us raise $12,000 at our 5th Anniversary Bash at Room & Board!!!

Last year you impressed us, and this year you *completely blew us away* with twice the generosity. You all are truly amazing.

Because it’s National Volunteer Week — and also because they are FANTASTIC — A special shout out to our volunteers, without whom we could never throw such an amazing party! You inspire and energize us so much, and we are so grateful for your love.

Another BIG shout out to our sponsors, especially Room and BoardDC BrauMonument Fine WinesMatchbox 14th St., and all of our generous silent auction donors. It means everything to have community partners like you in our corner!

Our amazing sponsors!

If you haven’t seen them yet, check out the event photos!
But first, let us tell you a little but about just how far your donation will go.

Some of you may have seen this week’s big news: People in DC who choose to report sexual assault to the police will now be protected by the Sexual Assault Victims’ Rights Act. The passage of this bill was driven by the efforts of a coalition of survivors and local service providers, led by yours truly, to educate policymakers on the importance of ensuring that systems serve *survivors*. This mobilization of survivor voices for the betterment of public policy is unprecedented in DC (unless you count our WMATA advocacy!) What does all this mean?

It means that together, you and CASS are making survivor voices a force to be reckoned with by decision makers all over the city. When you support our work, every one of your dollars makes groundbreaking advocacy such as this possible.

Here are a few more things we’re looking forward to bring to you in 2014:

Making DC Bars Safer Spaces

We’re piloting our new program to train bar staff to recognize sexual aggression and intervene before things get dangerous! We want to roll this out around the city and have activists behind every bar. And check out this great coverage of our program from Slate!

Training New Anti-Harassment Activists

We’re training more people in YOUR communities to respond to harassment and change the culture to stop it once and for all! Next up: young people at the Latin American Youth Center. We’re so excited!

Providing Safe Travel Options for Women & LGBT Folks

We’re looking forward to launching our long-awaited safe rides program soon!

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Couldn’t make it to our 5th anniversary party but want to donate? Give now!