TAKE ACTION: Tell @WeMoveDC Your Public Safety Concerns!

A few months ago, you helped us tell moveDC, a project of the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), how critically important it is that DC’s long-term transportation plans address public sexual harassment and assault. With your help, we contributed to nearly 2,000 submissions about what makes for a safe, healthy and travel-friendly community. Now, there’s another opportunity to take action!

moveDC is currently in the process of finalizing its transportation plans, which will cover DC for the next 30 years. CASS believes it’s crucial that moveDC’s plans include efforts to address public sexual harassment and assault — an issue that overwhelmingly restricts the mobility of women and LGBTQ and gender non-conforming individuals.

Here’s where YOU come in. For its next round of planning, moveDC is asking community members to answer the question, “What can moveDC do for you?” They’re encouraging community members to send them questions about its plans via Email, Twitter and Facebook. We want you to weigh in with what YOU want from your city!

If you’re on Twitter, please take a moment to tweet @WeMoveDC about “what moveDC can do for you” when it comes to making DC safe. We can think of a few suggestions:

  • Many of my friends and I are harassed in public because of our perceived gender/sexual orientation. How will moveDC help us feel safer in the city?
  • I frequently experience street harassment on my way to work. I don’t want to have to change my routes or move to feel safe. What will moveDC do for me?
  • I like to run and exercise outdoors. How is moveDC making sure parks and alleys are safe?
  • I’m sexually harassed almost every time I [wait at the bus stop/ride my bike/take the Metro, etc]. What will moveDC do for me?

We encourage you to take this opportunity to let moveDC know what can be done to create a safer DC. More than 80% of women and LGBQT folks face gender-based street harassment. The decisions that moveDC makes will impact the mobility, safety and community connectivity all of those who live and work in DC — not just now, but for the next three decades. Tell @moveDC that you want safe spaces!